Tuesday, November 30, 2004


My sore throat got worse. Now I have a minor case of tonsillitis. I got a fever too, although it's a very mild one. The irritating thing is it's swollen to the point that it's too painful to eat anything. So i've been reduced to eating cereal... Hopefully it'll subside by tomorrow. Yesterday was torture... I don't have to operate because it's not restricting my breathing, but it's irritating all the same. It hurts every time I swallow. >.<

I've got to pack all of my stuff soon too. I should start today, but it's not easy when I'm not well. I wished I could just leave everything here. Maybe I should've booked for the whole holidays. Either way, I'm quite glad my roomie isn't moving. I'll just shift my stuff over to his side... And come back and re-occupy my area.

OK... I should stop ranting.

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Sunday, November 28, 2004

Woohoo... been enjoying a lot the past few days... but time to settle down and do a bit of work...

I've got the bank draft and sent it to sis. However, I still have to write the proposal for the guitars and the amps. *Sigh* Guess I finally have to call up the guitar shop people. I don't particularly enjoy doing it but I guess I have to. At least contact them.

Thus far I'm a little worried as the band isn't doing too well. The members seriously lack experience and I really need to push them to practice. Performance standard is barely there for the newbies. This isn't very encouraging, but with God's help I think it will be OK.

I got a DVD burner. It's my brand new baby. It's also very impressive, with 12x DVD burning. I can finally clear my computer of all the mp3s. Yay! Finally, I can rid my computer of too much stuff which I want to delete and yet don't want to get rid of.

Ok, I will be heading back to KL this coming weekend. It's been a pretty interesting semester, but I'm looking forward to seeing my family and my sister graduate. I will enjoy myself...

Right, back to my proposal. I will have to call Luther tomorrow. I certainly hope it doesn't slip my mind...

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Sunday, November 21, 2004

It's been a long absence... Right in the middle of my exams, so taking the opportunity to just write a bit. So far, I've taken 2 exams and they weren't particularly good... although not particularly that bad either... I think...

Today's message by Ps Kong was REALLY GOOD. Faith is important... and here're some practical things to do to achieve the vision God has birthed in you... Have the faith to believe they will happen. Here's how.

1) Desire
Before we see the miracles of God, we need to have a vision!
We need to know EXACTLY what we want.

2) Decision
The presence of the Holy Spirit is important, but without the POWER of God, it won't change your heart, and you won't see the miracle.
Make a decision to go after your desire by FAITH!

3) Asking (Praying)
Asking is not just letting God know what you desire, but also being PERSISTANT in asking. Faith is a spirit, an attitude of not giving up.

4) Receiving
Receive the vision in your heart! Then and only then will it happen. From God's point of view, He has ALREADY given you that vision!

5) Speaking (Confessing)
Say it and say it again! This is not being flaky, neurotic or superstitious. Rather, it is saying it with FAITH, and confessing it over and OVER.
Confession is not the same as conversation. Confession is saying what God has spoken into your heart; confess your VISION!

6) Seeing
See it with the eyes of your heart and believe it BEFORE you see it with your physical eyes!

7) Acting
Faith is an action, so go out and take that step of faith instead of idly waiting for the vision to fall into your lap... it won't.

I've been really blessed by this message. This past 2-3 weeks have been good... trying hard to study, although admitedly I'm probably not as focussed on it as I should be. God help me study and do well for my exams.

I didn't post this to everyone, so I'll do it here. The remaining exams I have are as follows:
GEK1021 Crime Fiction in English and Chinese - 23 NOV 2004, 9 am
MA1505 Mathematics - 25 Nov 2004, 9 am

And this is my sister's timetable. She's in final year, so her stress level is much higher. God I pray that You give her peace of mind and a double portion of Your anointing for her to study and do well. Amen!

Modelling in Insurance and Finance II Thu 25 NOV 9:30 a.m. 3 hrs 15 mins
Actuarial Mathematics I Fri 26 NOV 2:15 p.m. 2 hrs 15 mins
Actuarial Mathematics II Tue 23 NOV 2:15 p.m. 2 hrs 15 mins

Love you sis!

Is there anything else? Oh yea, in preparing for my exam, I have to watch Infernal Affairs... Might have to crossreference it in my exam.

I think that's all I can write now. I'll try to go back to studying. Later!

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Friday, October 29, 2004

Ok, as all of you can see, I've added a brand new banner into the site. I don't really see any fault in trying, and I don't really expect to earn like a lot of money. But if you guys can find the time to support me by all means please do, after all, a click isn't that difficult a thing to do...

Dance tech class yesterday was tough. I've never had my whole body been so worked up before, not even in AJ PE... The conditioning was really tough for me considering I seriously lacked exercise... but it's a good thing I guess, since now I can actually do something physical. I'll try to keep up with the routine, it has some good rewards in the end.

What else? Ah, I'll be coming back to Malaysia for a few days, probably the 4th till the 8th Dec. I'll be flying to Melbourne on the 8th, meaning I won't be spending all that much time in Malaysia. I'll head back to Malaysia on the 19th, and come back down to Singapore probably on the 23rd. For the first time I will spend Christmas in Singapore, it's supposed to be REALLY interesting. I think I'll find out for myself.

Ok, I don't really have all that much to update now. Muscles are still acheing... maybe I should lie down a bit... I still plan on going to the gym tomorrow...

Oh yea, and DO support me... ^^ *Points up*

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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Another day... with another test... *sigh*

Past few days I've been studying a lot... so much that I surprise even myself. I covered quite a lot I think, but I just pray that I remember and can recall all that I've read.

I think I really like Blogger(TM). They have a good integrated marketing strategy with Google(TM). I just signed up for Google Ad-Sense. It's an advertising program which COULD generate revenue if people actually visit my site and check out their ads or use the search box. I'm looking for support from everyone here since I realise a lot more people than the measely 3-4 I expected actually visit my blog. But I also realise they don't do it that often. So I now encourage all of you to do it. It might help me generate some income. ^_^

Life is pretty much on the uphill. Studying is the word to describe the scene in hall and uni now. With exams looming, it's no wonder everyone is preparing for that. I guess all of us need to catch up on work.

Last night was Legacies, a formal dinner for Alumnis. As quoted from Master, "The Hall's most informal formal dinner." The alumnis came down and we all sort of had some chats with them. And PRAISE THE LORD, His favour must have been upon me that night. As band MM, the current state of equipment leaves much to be desired. I put this forth to Justice Tan and viola, the alumni agreed to financiall support an overhaul. I'm looking at four brand new guitars, a new amp, and drum skins. Total cost about S$3400!!! Talk about walking in God's favour. ^_^

Ok, I shoudln't write quite so much now... got an exam in 3 hours... >.<

Oh, on a side note, we finally managed to finished WINTERMAUL! *phew* ^_^

That's all for now. I think I'll head back to Malaysia for 2-3 days before I go off to Australia. Till next post!

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Thursday, October 21, 2004

I think I'm a little lost. I don't really see all that much to look forward to anymore. I suppose I always get a surge when I do something new. Mundane stuff DO suit me since I can be quite repetitive, but new things give you the urge to strive and improve at a much faster rate... no matter what it is.

I've done my term paper, but I intend to redo it since it's not exactly a good one IMHO. By suggestion from my tutor, I've decided to do one on concert itself. So my term paper would be a critique on the plot for "Poppy". That should be interesting and easy since I know the story well and it's very close to my heart... at least closer than Sherlock Holmes. ^_^

I can't really write all that much. Band is progressing well, but I have a few deadlines such as JAM-X to meet. Today is band's first performance. I hope that everyone does well. God help me meet all that I need to accomplish so that I can continue to be a good example for you.

I don't really have all that much to write. If I did, it should be on my term paper. ^_^ So that's all for now.

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Monday, October 11, 2004

Concert is over! Personally think it was a GREAT one. I definitely felt that everyone, and I mean EVERYONE put in their best and the result was good. Everyone was happy and I'm proud to say that even I am, albeit tired. I can't wait to get my hands on the CD. Poppy, I'll definitely miss you!

My mother came down for the show. I didn't have a lot of time to spend with her while she was down though; there were practices and I had to be there to prepare for the actual performance. Nontheless, I spent the whold of Sunday with her. I really do appreciate her.

Back to work. I have a lab today due Sunday. Serpentine (or rather snake to those Nokia™ users). Hopefully it isn't too taxing. Also, I have a CS1231X test this Saturday. Additionally, recording for Poppy Soundtrack starts this week, Band meeting this Thursday (I can't find my book with my notes! Need it for meeting!), Concert debrief tonight, Mid Autumn Festivel tomorrow night, PLUS all my tutorials... And I thought I could get at least a week's rest. >.<

First things first, I should get my tutorials done. Hoping to get Quy to teach me CS1231X this week. I'll search for my book tonight at debrief. Hopefully band matters can be settled by Thursday. God give me strength!

The comments on this post I'd like to reserve for concert. Feedback or anything about Poppy can be placed here. To all who watched the show, I hope you liked it as much as we did putting it up for you. Cheers!

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Saturday, October 02, 2004

It's been a pretty hectic week. After the full comm hall run on Thursday, we were all on a high. The run was good. It was the best performance we've had. We all felt it. That was really good. However, things weren't as good on Friday. I think we all felt it. Why can't we maintain the high? I guess that's something we all have to work on.

Went to Little India today, and had nothern indian food. It was pretty good actually. I think the company was good too. All seniors... except Moritz. In any case, I think the food was worth the price! I might just go there again. It's not expensive, only about S$7 or so for a pretty decent meal.

Over the past few days, I've been doing a lot of concert related stuff. I guess that's really the highlight these few days. Luckily I still keep up with all tutorials. Tests aren't all that bad either.

The scholarship I received (read previous post) requires me to share the 'joy and pride of receiving it' to my school. I personally wouldn't mind, but the empty spaces are so ambiguous that I do not know for sure how to fill it in. It's really irritating because I'm not sure whether or not I'll fill it according to what is required.

There isn't really anything else going on that is all that interesting, except maybe that my lecturer is interested in coming for concert. I'll probably reserve two seats for him, but he has yet to get back to me on whether or not he'll need them. Really exciting week ahead! God give me strength!

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Wednesday, September 29, 2004


I've got a good testimony to share! I got my scholarship!!! ^_^ Yes, I'm happy! I'm also grateful for the many blessings that God has given to me. Truly, God will provide for those who love Him. God is truly good. I really really believe in Matthew 6:33!

There is one drawback however. This means that I'm going to be under pressure again. At the very least, I think I can save my parents some money... Hopefully by God's grace, I can make it!

Enough about the scholarship. I'm really worked hard these few days, but I certainly feel a lot better. Personally I prefer comm hall runs compared to normal practice, but it's really taxing for everyone else. The feeling's different, and I think I perform better. In any case, it's really fun, albeit tiring and there is that occasional screams from our directors/producers... I suppose in some cases it's warranted, but I get the feeling the rest of the cast is very pressured. I guess we all need encouragement!

And yes, more on human relations, I realise that sometimes words are so important... more important than the motivation behind them in fact. Saying 'Come on, put in more effort guys!' with the same intention as 'Come on, let's all do this together!' can go down wrong for some people. More complications I guess... and honestly I personally don't mind either, but then again I'm not everyone. I need to constantly remind myself to be more tactful... and that's not easy considering I haven't tried it before. Please, give me some time to work on it and encourage me a little... remind me if any of you have to and please, be patient with me.

Ok, concert coming soon. Have to send my deed Thailand, but I think I'll wait for the scholarship one too so that I can send both together. I don't have a lot of time to do a lot of things, but I'm doing my best. Also, I just finished my report for my Crime Fiction module. In addition, there's a test for my Einstein module coming up. I'll go study for it in a bit. Life is looking up in some areas. I think I'll hold on to them, at least for now!

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Sunday, September 26, 2004

I'm pretty excited. I think I finally got the answer to my previous post. Here's where I got it from.

2 Tim 2:14-26

The two main points which stood out for me was this:
1) 'But avoid foolish and ignorant disputes, knowing that they generate strife.' (v23) In the NIV version it says, 'Don't have anything to do with foolish and stupid arguments, because you know they produce quarrels. ' I suppose this one really hit home hard. This basically means that my like for being argumentative isn't really something biblical. God help me to change that! I'll try, to overcome it, but again, I don't think it'll come just like that overnight. Support from everyone could help too.

2) 'And the Lord's servant must not quarrel; instead he must be kind to everyone, able to teach, not resentful. Those who oppose him he must gently instruct, in the hope that God will grant them repentance leading them to knowledge of truth, and that they will come to their senses and escape from the trap of the devil, who has taken them captive to do his will.' (v24-26) Now in this verse(s), the main point which stood out to me is v25. Back to my previous post, the main point is being tactful I believe. I admit, I think based on my previous post, and my own evaluation, this is something I need to work a lot on. So like in the previous point, I'll do my best to overcome it, and God willing and with everyone's support, I certainly can and will.

I'm really encouraged by this passage. Today's sermon helped as well. To live in God's abundance, we have to do four things.

1) RENEW my mind Rom 12:2
2) Mix the Word with FAITH Heb 4:2
3) ACT on God's spoken Word Deut 8:1-3 (this point in particular)
4) Put Jesus FIRST in my life Prov 3:9-10

Really praise God for this! Amen!

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Saturday, September 25, 2004

Long day, but quite fulfilling. Went for my test today, and I scored a measly 19/30. It was totally unexpected. That test was supposed to be a programming test, but they asked definitions of concepts instead of the understanding of their usage and applications. The time constraint didn't help either. I expected at least 25 out of 30... Granted, I was really careless (I got 2 simple ones wrong because I was too flustered and missed it), but I really think it's not something that should've been done as it doesn't really test our ability to program well IMHO. Although many would probably disagree with me. Still, I think I'm entitled to my opinion no?

Yes, it's late. I don't know why but I feel good about cast practice today. More than once I could feel the emotions from the scenes. I guess it's true that when you really throw yourself into it, it really get's you going. It's like an adrenaline rush that keeps coming. I certainly hope I'm not the only person feeling it.

I think the time has finally come where some start getting a little uneasy with others. I really don't think I have anything against anyone. I had a few serious conversations with certain people and I really don't know what to think anymore. I believe I'm the kind of person who is very frank, most of the times brutally so. I usually just say what I mean, even though it may not be very pleasing for others to hear. Some are in the opinion that I shouldn't do that. Is it really wrong to tell a person if you see something wrong? I don't really know. I feel that you need two kinds of people around. One who is always the quiet type and bottles everything up inside and carries on, and the other who just blurts out what sometimes needs to be said. I was kind of struck that someone told me that it was better for me to just keep quiet when I'm unhappy about something. I do agree that sometimes (if not quite often) I say things which are hurtful. But I know and I know and I know that I don't say them with the intention of hurting them or wanting to put them down, even though sometimes it may seem that way. I don't like to keep things inside, so when I feel unhappy or uncomfortable about something, I just say it. Sure, I agree that we have to control our emotions, but sometimes it's not a matter of letting emotions get the better of you, rather I just feel the need to say or do something. I believe I'm a very VERY task oriented person. I don't really think too much about feelings as long as I solve the problem. That could be a negative thing, and I do try to work on it. But then again, is it so wrong to be focused on solving the problems even if sometimes it is overlooking the emotional aspect? Isn't it wrong to be to focused on the emotional aspect that the problem is never addressed and hence never solved? Isn't it also wrong to think that by keeping things inside it works well for everyone?

I personally feel that being told if there's something is wrong with me is better; at least I'd know. Of course, you could say that it's just me and that not everyone can take it being told of their character flaws. So is it the right thing to just let it continue to let it linger and never help that person solve it because they never know there's something wrong? Isn't it the case of when a person sees another in a difficult situation but refuses to do anything as compared to someone who sees it and tries to help that person, even if the help is refused or taken as hostility? Is it wrong to do something to help a person when that person seems not to want it or refuses it but the something may actually be benneficial or even crucial? I really don't know anymore. Just because someone doesn't appear to accept your help but obviously needs it, does it mean we don't? Similarly, just because you think someone may not like it if they're told of a character flaw, does it mean we never point it out to them and help them overcome it? Of course, the way in which we do it is important too, but that isn't what I'm discussing just yet. I can address this another time.

Wow, I wrote quite a bit today. I certainly hope that there are no typos.

I got my band budget proposal done and submitted, and thank goodness for Eng Kiat who helped me with the amp proposal. I think band is really indebted to a lot of seniors this year, especially since I'm new. I'm going to sleep now. Tomorrow is a long day. Night!

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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Well, I went for my scholarship interview today. It was pretty interesting. I really didn't know what to expect. The interview went smoothly IMHO. Initially I was a little intimidated; largely because I haven't had a formal interview before, but when I stepped into the room, I was pleasantly surprised to find that there was only ONE interviewer. That calmed me down a lot! I took a seat, and it started from there. The interview was supposed to be 10 minutes, but I took longer than that. We had a talk about my background, why I choose to come to Singapore and my plans. I guess I was just truthful and said what I felt. I certainly hope that wasn't a wrong decision...

After the warm ups, I was pretty much on full swing. It was really nice talking to the interviewer. He asked a lot of questions which got me thinking. That was a nice change, I suppose. Furthermore, I found out that he was from Malaysia. I caught a small hint that he could possibly be wondering whether or not to give me the scholarship on the basis on whether I was likely to stay and work in Singapore. I didn't really say no, but I didn't quite agree to that either. Most likely, it'll be a wait and see, and I'm pretty fine with that.

After the interview, I went home, changed and headed straight for dance. Everyone thought I woke up late. >.< I really didn't, so don't give me any sarcastic "good morning, Gerald's." Dance was interesting though. I like the last dance, it's really cute. It's the finale one so I expect it to be somewhat jumpy and happy. Overall, it was pretty fun.

I guess this holidays are really for catching up on work. I've been studying too, got a test tomorrow. All the best to me I guess. Ok, I think I'll go back to work. And I got some feedback about my blog, may make some changes in time to come. Guess it got kinda boring anyhow. A new layout would be good. And no, I do NOT intend to get a flash one... takes too long to load.

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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Gah... LONG day... Had classes, followed by interview session. It was pretty interesting although I must say that there certainly is a lack of talent. Not saying that everyone who auditioned was bad, but I was certainly hoping for a better level of musical talent. But it turned out OK I guess...

The more pressing matter is the band equipment. They're in pretty bad condition, with all four of the guitars non-functional, I think we're in need of a serious equipment overhaul. There is however, a budget constrain so I guess I'll have to make do with fixing the available amp and two of the guitars. Too bad the Stratocaster™ is probably unsalvagable, or at least it isn't worth the cost. Thank goodness there're people around to help me. Many thanks to Yuhui, EngKiat, James, Boon Yong and all those who helped me out today (sorry if I left out your name... >.<) Hope that you guys will continue to support me. Proposal is due in a week to 2 weeks time.

The next thing is concert. I really feel that I'm below expectation, which is bad... I can't even say my lines without it sounding funny or unnatural. *sigh* I wish I could act better. My pronunciation also leaves much to be desired, but I'll work on it as much as I can. God help me!

I don't really have much left to say. I think it's good when people do think positively about things. I certainly hope I can too, and that I can help others to think the same way. Signing off!

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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Things have a funny way of happening. So far cast has been really interesting and the occasional stressful periods help add some challenges of the task. But now I have yet another task at hand. I'm 'officially' (needs to be authenticated I believe) the hall band mm. What that means is basically I take care of the band... o.O It's a relatively tall order, but a manageable one I believe. The biggest thing I had in mind was commitement level. However, having a nice talk with the previous band mm, it doesn't seem all THAT difficult and taxing. At the very least, my Friday nights are still free for cell as are my Sundays.

With regards to my previous post, I finally changed the photo. Thank goodness. To those who didn't see the old one... don't worry, you didn't miss much. Still have to work a bit for concert.

I'm trying not to be too 'bridge prone'. It's definitely not at the 'addicted' level. But better not let it get to there before I do something about it. But it IS rather fun and I'm having a relatively slack semester.

Life is quite good. Minus all the 'minor' upsets and letdowns... I certainly wonder why so many people are starting blogs... my sister for one... but that's good. Ok, need to settle stuff. Till next post!

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Sunday, September 05, 2004

Gah! My photo on cast looks BAAD!!! I wanna change it... gotta talk to publicity people about that... I KNOW i'm not photogenic... but that photo really makes me look like... nevermind...

Church was awesome. Ps Kong really preached a good message about prayer. Elijah was a melancholic ordinary person. The power he had was only because of his prayer. In essence, if you want power of the Holy Spirit, then pray! Amen!

I got cast today. Luckily I already finished my lab assignment and submitted it. Passed everything. Yay!

Hmm, I think I'll go for tea... Nothing much happening... concert is getting closer and well, work, work, work! But it's fun!

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Sunday, August 29, 2004


Today was really exciting. Pastor Kong wasn't around so Pastor Derrick preached the word. The word was good. Initially I really thought it was a word I really needed... It was about hurts in your life. But as I examined myself, I realised that I've already let go of most of the hurt that I experienced. I also checked to see if I was really denying the hurt or hiding it, but I really do not see the instance where I do... If anything, I think I don't really remember things much, especially when it comes to the people around me... That could explain why I don't seem to remember many people's birthdays too...

Prayer is wonderful. It's a time where you spend time just 'talking' to God... And if that's the definition, I believe I do a lot of it. Perhaps not in terms of sitting down and really having what I call 'formal prayer'... I talk to God a lot any time that I can. When I sit to think and contemplate about the day or anything, I always also talk to God. I do admit, most of the time it's complaining... but I guess from cell group I learned that giving thanks IN ALL CIRCUMSTANCES means being grateful no matter how bad the situation may seem (Of course, not being grateful for the situation, but in it) God is really good. Hallelujah!

I managed to complete the props needed for the Malaysian night today. It looks a little funny and the skit itself is a ripoff from my college's International Friendship Day... but I guess under the circumstances it'll have to do.

I managed to setup the unix shell to connect to my SOC unix server. So I can access the unix server from hall... i think i'm beginning to love unix. MS-DOS anyone? I think i'll install Suse Linux into this laptop too... Once I burned off all the music and comics... ^_^

I think that's all for now. GAH! I didn't go for COM-EX... heard the deals were awesome... but, well, wallet isn't very healthy at the moment anyway. Ok, I'll stop here!

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Thursday, August 26, 2004

It's been a long time, I know...

Life in Singapore has been interesting so far... I'm pretty much up to date withmy tutorials and stuff, but that's only because the lecturers are starting slow and it's just my first sem. I'm thinking it'll become really hectic as time passes...

Top of the list now is of couse concert. To the uninformed, I'm involved in a Hall production called Poppy. CLICKEY I'm one of the cast members and it's not an easy thing to act/sing/dance... However, I believe I can do it. Those around please please PLEASE do come and support me.

God is good. I've been through a rather stressful period this past few weeks but I'm OK now. Classes have been good and I understand most if not all of the lecturers. Hall life is fun, but there ARE some things which I still have my reservations about. Still, that's not really important just yet.

I think that's about all I can think of right now. CONCERT GANBATTE!

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Sunday, August 08, 2004

As in my previous post, I'm still tired... I wonder why I'm still making this post then... -_-

Today was supposed to be fun... it was. I enjoyed myself... but I couldn't take the grand finale... the foam party was fun, but i was just too pooped to continue. *I probably made an ass of myself too in the process... I'm tired and didn't sleep at ALL last night. I should sleep now, but I just don't quite feel like it. I guess I think I have something to do, but perhaps I don't really...

Nothing much else to post. Spent a day with my parents in the afternoon. Rag day is over so I'm quite happy... No more dance for me... >.<

I'll end here.

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Thursday, August 05, 2004

Tired is the only word to express how I feel; tired is what my physical body is feeling, tired is what I am of myself, tired of repeating the same mistakes, tired of meeting the same problems and still having difficulty overcoming them, tired of HAVING to face those same problems...

Yes, this is a rant! I guess I'm just majorly dispointed with myself today. For the uninformed, I've been spending the past 2 weeks in NUS Raffles Hall having my orientation. Granted, it was fun, but seriously, these people really know how to tire you out. I'm a few days from my first classes and I haven't really slept much. It's a rare commodity. I hope I can last the next few days, what with float and all...

My parents will be down tomorrow... Meaning I probably get to see them for a couple of hours. I can't really spare all that much time with them. I certainly hope they enjoy themselves.

I have too many things to do and no time to think through what to do or when to do them exactly. The worst part is that classes haven't even started. *sigh* There are many issues I have to handle, but I pray and I pray and I PRAY that I can handle it well and God willing, get it done soon. Dilemmas stink!

I think i've said enough. I really need rest now. I'll see what else I can put up here. Hopefully not too long from now...

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Friday, July 09, 2004

Well, another long absence since my last post. Basically nothing much has been happening except that I've got my hostel in NUS and the confirmed date of departure would be 21st of this month. I'm going back to Singapore in under two weeks. I suppose it's about time. Did a lot of processing since I got that confirmation. I think I've more or less given up on the scholarship. If it comes, it'll be a bonus. That way, it makes things a lot easier and less stressful.

I've applied for my visa online. I guess I'm really going to Singapore. No turning back.

My mum is coming down tomorrow. I have to go pick her up. My aunts and grandmother is also coming down tomorrow, so there is no reason for me to go down to Ipoh. My good friend, Tat, is also going to Australia on the 17th so I guess we're all leaving.

I don't really have much left to say. Life is going a bit slow, but I manage to find interesting and beneficial things to do. I don't really have much to say now. Most interesting stuff happen in the forum anyhow. Do come visit if you ever read my blog.

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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Extremely long weekend but thoroughly enjoyable.

The first highlight was obviously camp. It was excellant! Firstly, I woke up at 430 for morning prayer on Friday night (as usual). After the usual morning prayer, I came home and packed for camp. (Couple of minutes and I was done) I checked with Sky and he said he'd pick me around 1.

So at about 120, his mum came by and picked me to his place. He just got back from college. We headed to church from there. On arrival, there were quite a number of people already there waiting for the bus. It had yet to arrive though, so we occupied ourselves chatting aimlessly. Kevin was a little frustrated because the bus was late. But in the end we boarded pretty OK. I fell asleep in the bus because it rained cats and dogs; It was so cool.

On arrival, we came to Sufes Tapah, a damp little site with lots of grass, trees and little else. There were a couple of buildings littered here and there. Anyway, we unloaded and then I went to register for camp. The one thing that struck me the most about a campus youth camp (my first) was that things were a lot less rigid. I suppose with age, there should be maturity. At least that is expected.

We went to check out our tents. Unfortunately, they were soaked through due to the rain. Luckily it had already stopped and we all tried to dry it as best we could. Then we had ice breaker; Treasure Hunt so to speak. We won, so I'm not complaining. Dinner, which we had to clean up ourselves after (it was fun) and arrival of the next bunch of people. Nothing much for the first day. 2nd day was more interesting. Session 1 followed by lunch and then stream trotting. That was the highlight of the camp, I suppose. Went climbing upstream. It was in our groups, and in a row. The guys were supposed to help the girls, but woe to me, I was the only one who failed in that task. My 'helpee' almost sprained her ankle due to my inadequate guidance. She ended up hobbling all the way holding up the line. So to Annabelle Yeoh, my sincerest apologies, and to everyone else too, it was me who caused the crawl, not her. So we reached the waterfall which was amazing. We slid down it and stuff. Too bad the stay was a little short IMHO.

Heading back, we had a bathe, makan, and then session. Ps Palan squeezed 2 sessions into one. I was surprised at myself that I wasn't a least bit sleepy. Then at the end, we had an all nite session of Mafia, Story telling and Murderer. Thank goodness Joshua Ting was around to ease the boredom. That is one excellant dude to hang out with. We were up till sunrise, and the final session. Then we all packed etc and went home. Most wonderful camp!

Post camp, I was drained, but surprisingly the most I could manage was 11 hours of sleep. I couldn't sleep anymore after that. Monday was interesting. I talked to Ying Yi over dinner about an idea I had, and I certainly hope it comes to pass. I did what I could (which was why I was busy the past few days) and here's the result.


So that's all I have to say. I'm going to Saisaki later. Wish me luck!

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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Just a quickie, might go swim in a bit!

Watched Around the World in 80 days. Pretty OK for a Jackie Chan movie... One of his better ones I think, but I was hoping it wouldn't be a movie where one would have to leave one's brains at home. Enjoyable though.

Past couple of days has been fun. Daily morning prayer is really helping me get my sleeping right. At least I don't pig till 12 + unlike some people I know.

Met up with Tho Wei and Cher Chin too. Went mamak. It was pretty cool meeting up again. I'm still appalled at how they managed to squeeze 5 people at the back of my car, AND Tho Wei was in the back. Luckily it was a VERY short distance from Eugene's house to Melur. Talked about our days in Singapore (like that was YEARS ago... )

Camp will be this coming Friday. Post more about it another time.

Uhoh, time to go for my swim. Later!

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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Long time since my last post. Weekend was pretty awesome. I had to wake up early on Friday morning for practice. I'm backup singing for the Wesley Methodist CF camp. (Which reminds me, I need to memorise lyrics) Practice was quite good. I learned a couple of new songs, so I guess I have to work on them. I also availed myself to help out in the workshop. But lo and behold, now i'm facilitating it (close to conducting it I think) Luckily I have the material for it so it shouldn't be too big a problem. I do have to edit/cut&paste around though. Cell on Friday was interesting. Having combined worship/ice breaker was good. Word was led by Soon Chen instead of Grace, but it was still good. The iron sharpens iron talk was pretty informative. Plus, we had Adrian (he's working...) who gave us an adult's view. Interesting to note that he's also a new christian, but he's more mature then some other long term christians i've seen. It's amazing how far God can take a person with a willing heart.

Yea anyway, after practice I went to IMU to meet up with Sook Meng, Hee Siong and some 'other' people. Only problem was that on arrival, there were no 'other' people. Furthermore, Hee Siong had to lunch with his mum. So I ended up lunching with Sook Meng at Sri Petaling. Chicken rice was pretty much it.

Saturday I had a basketball match. It was pretty intense and was fun too. I don't really know how well I played though, so I won't comment there. Went to church that night as usual, and Ps Daniel really preached his heart out. I guess he really had a burden for the church and it all came out that weekend.

Well, Sunday was occupying. I guess it was better than rotting at home. But going to One Utama and spending a day there with people you hardly know does have it's downsides. It was fun near the end where we played Cranium (even though we lost *humph*) Cranium IS a fun game. My only gripe I suppose is that they should have a Malaysian version or something. Too many USA type questions.

Monday morning marked the start of 14 day fast and prayer. Waking up at 420 every morning is no joke. But it's fulfilling. Unfortunately, unlike everyone else, I have nothing to do in the morning after prayer, so I hit the bed again. It kind of ruins the mood. Did some banking too on Monday. Transferred some money over to my uncle. I broke fast at night with Tat and Chew. Ate quite a bit actually. Thankfully I didn't stuff myself TOO much.

And this morning was pretty much the same as Monday except there was extra luggage in the boot and chocolates as well. Oh, I picked Annabelle to and from prayer too. Lydia went off to the airport at around 7 so it's bye bye Lydia and have fun in the US!

Now I'm home, bored out of my wits, and wondering what to do next. Maybe a book will take me through the rest of today. Cheers.

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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Had some banking to do yesterday. So went to Maybank and transferred some money to my uncle. It was pretty quick surprisingly.

Nothing really much happened. Most (if not all) important stuff have been done. I think this is gonna be a short note.

Just to give a few people greetings today.

Happy Birthday mum! I love you lots and here's my shout-out to you!

Happy Birthday Jaclynn! Enjoy your holidays!

Happy Birthday YingYi! If you ever read my blog anyway...

My sister is having exams now and is pretty stressed out. I pray and I pray and I pray she'll be fine. All the best in you exams sis!

To everyone else with exams, study hard but don't stress yourselves.

And to those who've finished exams and are in subang/kl area, pls pls pls call me if you have nothing to do. I'm getting bored!

Hah. No, I won't be writing a long script today. No mood and nothing particularly interesting in my mind right now. Maybe next time!

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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Sorry for long absence of posts. I haven't really encountered anything so far worth blogging about, yet anyway.

Yesterday was, I suppose, an exception. I went to KL, more specifically, Timesquare and Sungai Wang Plaza. Initially, the plan was to play, play and well, play. But somehow we decided against it and went shopping instead. (Can those who know me well imagine me, shopping?) Anyway, I went hunting for PS2 prices (roughly RM580) and Xbox prices (about RM720) I suppose I'm interested in getting a console, but none of them seem to have the same kind of pull to entice me into buying them. The DVD capabilities do have a certain attraction, but that's hardly substantial.

So, me, Sky, Yee Lyn, Lydia, Irene (pronounced IRONY, much to mine) and Kelly (1) were there. We skipped the roller coaster since it costs RM25 per entry per person and we didn't really want to pay that ammount just to ride it. Instead, we spent our time eating. The Teppanyaki restaurant was barely adequate IMHO. We stopped to get pretzels, famous amos cookies, maltose (solid maltose which only Yee Lyn ate I think) and drinks all while shopping in Sungai Wang. The place didn't hold the same kind of thrill I use to have the first time I went there. Probably 'cause I was younger then.

As for dinner was a simple noodles with dumpling combination which tasted pretty good actually.

The one eye opener was that some of us really think alike. I was just surprised to see that Sky would sometimes say the exact thing I was about to say. The most prominent issue was about La La Girls. I suppose I'll give a short comment on this 'phenomenon'.

To MY understanding, a La La Mui (henceforth referred to as LLM) is one who dresses and presents herself in public in such a way that she screams for attention, usually the not so righteous kind. Generally, they imitate fashion from Japan/Korea/HongKong. I suppose there really isn't anything wrong with the fashion, but many people question the need to dress in that manner. The public generally view girls who dress as such as 'loose' and in a manner of speaking, this 'degrades' them. Such views, while may not be entirely right, is what society sees and expects of people. It could be that such dressing is an outright sign of rebellion, but there's also evidence of it being peer pressure. I wouldn't be surprised if these people actually know that they are being frowned upon; they just couldn't care less.

I do also question the right to judge LLMs based on their dressing. It may be wrong to make conclusions about their character based on their dressing. However, first impressions DO count because society is not perfect. The general view of the public is not unimportant or useless. It forms the ideals and thinking of society, and although it may not be entirely right, rebelling against it will only make it difficult for society as a whole to accept an LLM.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Wow, I had a pretty interesting day yesterday...

Jamie came down and is staying with Ben, so they called me up at 1.30 am (i was already asleep... >.<) and we made plans for yesterday. I picked them up at 9.30, sent Ben to IMU (he had classes), Went to Tat's house to spend some time before lunch. It was rather interesting since both Tat and Jamie went MVPing... (RO terms... ignore if you do not know)

Then we went for a drink... but no lunch yet... so me and Jamie went to pick Eugene for lunch. We met Ben at the InC@fe and had lunch there... I took the Shepards pie... (wonder if the name has another meaning... ^_^)

Post lunch, went up for leadership class (well, we were sort of just sitting in while waiting for Ben... ^_^) We got wind of Yee Lyn catching Shrek 2 later, so we all went to join her, even though both me and Jamie have already seen it... it's THAT awesome... ^_^

Went to Pyramid, ate A&W for dinner, watched the super cool movie, came out and we didn't go home yet... ^_^ After Raymond left and we sent Yee Lyn back, we picked LOW Jia En up for supper... Again, I took them to SS15 to meet my other friends, Tat, Chew and Jermaine... ^_^ Post mamak I sent everyone home and myself too... time 11.30 pm. Wonderful day indeed... ^_^

OK... now that THAT's over... on to my long writings... ^_^ I'm tempted to write about my views on Dan Brown's Da Vinci's Code and it's prequel, Angels & Demons, but it's a bit theological and it IS fiction, though it might cause some 'learned' people to have serious reservations about the gospel... Why do I feel Dan Brown's an atheist?

On to my writings. Today's topic is 'Are we ready for a steady relationship?' (Gee, sounds like a sermon... ^_^) I'm guessing everyone between 14 and 20 will be shouting YES! Of couse we are. We can handle it. I love her and she loves me and that's ALL there is to it... isn't it? Maybe, but most 'mature' teens tend to overlook many other aspects of a steady relationship. How do I know? I've been there, many times... >.< Not that I've had a steady relationship, I see now that I probably DIDN'T ever have one because God chose not to give me one... yet... But even then, when I DID look for one, I realise I tended to think of how it would benefit me, how I'd feel so much more secure with her, how I could just be so happy etc. Thank goodness for me I had good teachers. ^_^

I'm being brutally honest. Now that I think about it, most of my past 'loves' were actually infatuations. I don't think that I'm the exception here. I believe most whithin the specified ages actually encounter the same thing, if they can be honest enough to admit it. Almost all (I said ALMOST) relationships in Secondary school don't last past college. Why? First obvious reason is distance. Once we hit college followed by Uni, one if not both parties will choose to study at some institution far from home. The result? Most of the time, both parties will be seperated for a span of say weeks at the least. The occasional few relationships actually survive this distance, but a surprising majority fail, no matter how close they were before the seperation. Those that fail I believe are due to the fact that since it's infatuation, it's not GIVING without expecting returns... thus, when the other party's absent, it gets difficult to obtain whatever it is that sustained the relationship be it security, sense of being needed or otherwise. As such, in all likelihood, long distance can easily destroy a relationship that is NOT based on TRUE LOVE.

Of course, not ALL relationships fail even if they were long distance. Although rare, some people are actually REALLY mature enough for a relationship. This obviously depends on the individual. One such person I can think of is my own sister. Seperated from her boyfriend for the past 3 years, they're still together. I look up to them because of that. Oh, did I mention that they're BOTH past 21 years of age? Not that age is the ultimate factor, but with age comes maturity although not necessarily enough to pursue a relationship. So when are we mature enough? The truth is, I myself don't know... (How's that for being cryptic? ^_^) I sincerely believe I can only trust in God that He will reveal the proper time to me and the right person at the same time. I can't say for sure WHEN someone is mature enough, but I do know that if one IS, one wouldn't be worried about whether or not one HAS a relationship. ^_^

To end, do write your comments on this... haha... Even if you wanna bang me I guess I can't stop you. ^_^ But try to be nice, ok? ^_~

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Friday, May 21, 2004

Just a quickie note... I just read the Photoblogging service blogger has just put up and it sounds pretty good... I'm sure ppl like Lydia will enjoy it tremendously... but oh... I think she doesn't use blogger... <_<


I'm personally thinking of getting it.. Sounds cool to drag and drop pictures straight to my blog with captions. I'll look into it when I get back from cell 'lunch' -_-

Oh, the comments section were a bit buggy... I hope I've fixed it including allowing non-blogger users to post... It's based on posts though, so try to comment based on the particular post. It's not like some other blogs that have a huge list where people just spam... <_<

Ok, I gotta go. I'm gonna do a follow up on my aforementioned issue posts... but not when I'm rushing to meet my cell for erm... 'lunch'... ^_^

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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

OK... got it working... >.<

Nothing much to add today... Lunch was good though... At least I thought so... ^_^

Posted by Gerald at 5/19/2004 06:47:00 PM

I've given up...

I've tried putting a comments tag for people to write their views... but I simply can't get it to work with my layout... >.<

I'll try again another day... >.<

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Monday, May 17, 2004

Finally another post... ^_^

Frankly, I've been pretty preoccupied with RO... At least it occupies my time...

Of course, I do prioritise time for other more important activities... ^_^

Anyway, as this blog will constantly be boring unless I make it more interesting, I will try to pen my comments on an issue... any issue... ^_^ It's just my thoughts... so go easy on me ok?

I believe college students in Malaysia think themselves as very mature, but in truth most are found wanting when it's crunch time. ^_^ I do not exempt myself from this belief as I too have caught myself more than once being downright childish. In many cases, we consider ourselves better than everyone else.

I think one of the most prominent examples would be that the idea of 'fun' has been lost. 'Fun' things are considered beneath us unless there is the adult elemant involved. A fine illustration would be that parties for college students are rarely considered exciting for them. Most of the time, as long as there is a programme, it is rigid and therefore, restrictive. Hence most would find it boring. Fun parties are therefore merely a gathering where people meet and socialise, some music, possibly with alcoholic drinks involved, and little else. Certainly, childish parties involving clowns and dressups should be considered things of the past. However, I do not see the reason for having reservations about a programme. After all, planned activities need not boring. We seem to slip into a mindset where 'adult parties', which are all talk and little else, are considered suitable for us. I am not propogating that we all stay as 'teenagers' and fail to grow up. There is a time and place to 'enjoy' such adult parties, but we do not need to rush it. The truth is, I believe most of us wouldn't mind indulging in sometimes childish activities. It is only because of expectations; the believe that I am grown up and hence am expected not to enjoy certain activities, that we frown upon 'fun'. Ask any organiser of a party for youths and they will tell you that no matter how hard they crack their brains, they still largely fail to come up with something 'fun'. I do not perceive it as the fault of the organiser... rather the youths themselves already have a negative mindset that ANYTHING planned besides food and drink, will be boring. So, the conclusion? Keep an open mind and accept that it is alright to be childish when it comes to fun. After all, even adults relish childish behaviours when they have fun.

There. I'm too lazy to double check it for typos etc. (Yea, that's a childish trait... but hey, this isn't a thesis) I'll continue with this train of thought another time.

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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Long time no post

Basically, Internet was down for a couple of days...

BUT, had free lunch today... ^_^ Went makan at the INKafe... Whee
Though I do feel guilty for actually going... Lawrence had to pay for my lunch... >.<

This was followed by preaching class... haha... stuff like what to do and what not to do when you speak in public.

Church and cell over the weekend was great. I'm enjoying life now and hope the time I go back to classes won't come too soon... >.<

OK, nothing much to add... Bleh. Hope the net won't continue to be down... ^_^

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Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Currently in MCCC... making use of wireless network setup in church ^_^

Tomorrow I wanna collect my IC... hope it's ok... ^_^

Noone online so since I have nothing much to do blog lar...

Helping out in MCCC is quite fun... but I feel a bit paiseh... they gimme free lunch... >.<

See, one sentence comments... *shrug*

Later... maybe...

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Saturday, May 01, 2004

Well, I managed to come online on my cousin's computer... not mine... so I can't exactly do much... >.<

Today went for a Mission Conference by Pr Jim Yost... REALLY REALLY GOOD!!!

Challenged us about missions... and not just any simple challenge... his sharing was really impactful... As Lydia accurately put it, gave us a paradigm shift. Radical really... evangelism is not just sharing... it's going out to people and letting them see Jesus' love in you... easier said then done? What he shared isn't though... quite practical actually... and jolted me from my oh so convenient procrastination and 'tidak apa' attitude about evangelism... Guess the great commission just got real... ^_^

Starting to help out in MCCC tomorrow... Gotta wake up early and stuff... hope the router get's fixed so I can use the internet after this long break while Keith's not around... >.<

Nothing much to add already... so tata!

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Thursday, April 29, 2004

Wonderful day...

Came back yesterday but lo and behold, I found that there's no internet connection and the bathroom light blew.

So I was internet deprived... -_-"

Anyway, Today was busy busy day... Settled all my Uni applications! So, yea, I'm happy... but I still have some errands to run... so... Visited DHL in PJ too (*sigh* POSLAJU really needs to improve service...) Hopefully no hiccups... ^_^

I might add more here later... tomorrow, I'll be having cell multiplication so... ^_^ Later!

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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

OK... I'm heading back to Malaysia tomorrow... so much for my trip to Thailand... It was admittedly pretty fun...

Got lot's of things to take note of... CHEQUE! And UNI PAYMENT!

Bleh, trying to get my Uni stuff done online but not enough information to complete the process yet... basically online payment... >.<

Also looking forward to some time of doing nothing except wait for invitations to go out or initiate outings... ^_^ I'll be free... ^_^

Posted by Gerald at 4/27/2004 10:00:00 PM

Today was movie marathon day... literally...

Saw so many shows I dunno how to keep count...

I remember Spiderman, Love Actually and I can't remember one of the early Meg Ryan films... -_-

There were so many films that I don't remember them... -_- SERIOUS couch potato... I think I put on a few kilos just today alone... (although I seriously doubt it... I think I burn calories just sitting around... )

Even resorted to watching the Bold and the Beautiful... *sigh*

OK, nothing much to write about today... but I'll be heading back in a few days... well, as of now it's tomorrow... Hope my parents are OK with it... -_- That's all!

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Monday, April 26, 2004

Last weekend in Pattaya... >.<

Pretty uneventful... though I'm still worried about things I have to do when I get back...

There's Uni stuff and then there's some errands and bills to pay... *shrug*

I seriously do not have much to write... I've eaten in a seafood restaurant, had Indian cuisine, and KFC (which was super hot... -_-) over the last weekend... not exactly superb, but quite nice... ^_^

I got nothing much to write... except there's a reminder for myself which I'll post here... Contact NUS ASAP! Send PAYMENT!

Oh, and the CHEQUE! ^_^

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Thursday, April 22, 2004

I am so PEEVED!

The University I applied to really did a great job I tell you...

I'll quote from the emails they sent me

Email 1 dated 21st April 2004:
"Congratulations on achieving outstanding academic excellence to be offered early admissions to ***.

We would like to confirm our offer of the XXX Scholarship to you for studies in one of the two *** undergraduate courses offered to you. We will send you the offer letter in 2 weeks time, after you have confirmed the course you wish to accept at *** by 22 April 2004.

We look forward to having you to be part of ***.

Regards, (Name ommited)"

Email 2 dated 22nd April 2004:
"kindly note that you are shortlisted for interview for the XXX Scholarship. The interview will probably be in May/June 2004.

I apologise for the wrongly worded email forwarded to you, and look forward to seeing you at ***."

Talk about good service... >.<

So basically, I HAVEN'T got the scholarship... yet anyway... >.<

But, by God's grace I can still get it after the interview... guess I just have to go by faith!

Still, it does dampen the mood...

Not in a mood to blog now... so...

Oh and on another note, blogger lost my post 2ce... meaning I had to rewrite this post 3 times! -___-"

Mebbe it was my connection... *shrug*

*PS: Edited the post to protect the UNI... suppose it's only right...

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o.O I can't believe it!!! WAAAH!!! (Took too much sugar I think... >.<)

Okok... calm... -_-
What I did yesterday? The day was pretty much boring... but the night was rather interesting... went to watch a Miss Tiffany show... and in case you dunno what that is, well, let's say it's a he/she show... Initially I was dubious... I mean, what's so great about them? After all, I'm sure it's much better seeing pure females... >.< But well, just go and see lar... got tickets anyway... >.< And I must say, I wasn't that far off the mark... -_- They were stunning... definitely... tall and with makeup, if they were REAL girls, ANY guy would fall for them... (I think even women lose out... -_-) But I must say they weren't really all that spectacular... the show itself was sub-standard... I've seen much better done by a ship crew... (OK it was a cruise ship, but still... ) The only attraction is that you KNOW their not girls... at least not totally... But admittedly, they are stunning... too bad their not real girls... >.<

Today? Read comics... (I have a few series on the computer... ) Love Hina to be exact... it's nice rereading... ^_^ And I went to play badminton... -_- haven't exercised in so long... luckily I stretched... so I hope I won't ache TOO much tomorrow... -_-
GTG... late... ^_^ Nite!

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Monday, April 19, 2004

Today was an OK day....

Went visiting... Aunty Geeta is nice... played Playstation, had lunch, played UNO and Jenga... ^_^

And I'm posting this 'cos Lydia asked me to... >.< so much for updates... -_-"

Posted by Gerald at 4/19/2004 09:27:00 PM

Sunday, April 18, 2004

Ok, never posted past few days... bad mood... >.<

But today was OK... Went to church, had a service for roughly 15 people at most... (first time I've sat in a church that small... congregational wise that is...) This was followed by lunch... ^_^ Thai food is OK I guess, but not everyone can take it... >.<

After that my dad took me some place special... ^_^ Couldn't believe we actually went there... >.<


Went there, picked up the calibre, picked a gun... (yes, a REAL one), a target sheet and went shooting... literally...
Not that I'm the best shooter, but picking up a gun for the first time, I shot a 63/100 and the second time a 65/100 (right... only a slight increase, but STILL...) I have the sheets to prove it! And my dad who WAS in the navy shot a 65/100... (meaning I'm pretty good for a first timer) ^_^ Highlight of my day!

Man, it's HOT here... temperature is around 40+ on average... >.< And since it's Songkran, you're supposed to get wet, BUT... I'm not THAT big a fan of water... >.<

Ok, nothing much left to say... tomorrow is visiting day so gotta see mum's friends... >.< Hope it's fun... ^_^ Cheerio!

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Thursday, April 15, 2004


Had a pretty exciting day... woke up REAL early... (well, about 4.30 am local time... >.<)
Got into a pretty cool sort of lorry (well, not really a lorry, it could've been a pickup but it's covered at the back with air cond and carpets and cushions... so...) AND... we went to some ulu place north of Bangkok (REALLY long drive I tell you... though I slept all the way... almost... >.<) The name of the place? 'Floating Market'. ^_^ A really cool experience really... initially thought it was just a market by the river or something (wasn't really that exciting... ) But it's different... There's actually stalls by the river itself... and to get to them, well, you have to get a boat yourself... ^_^

You actually get in a boat, and the guy paddles you up/down stream... and you stop if you wanna buy something. ALSO, there are people selling stuff in boats... so you just pull alongside and buy whatever you want... it's a tourist attraction so things can get expensive... also, there's lots of souveniers which are pretty exciting but come to think of it, not much point buying... ^_^ And unless people ask, there will be NO souveniers from me... ^_^

Things start to get really cramp around 10 am... you literally get traffic jams in the river itself... >.< and everything closes around 11 am so I heard since it's so hot that noone wants to go there and the locals just close shop... we had noodles, lychee, dried mangos, pomeloes... there was some stuff I really liked but I dunno what you call it... looks like 'chee cheong fun' but it's filled with some sweet stuff and you eat it with some leaves (don't ask me wat kind... >.< i'm a plant noob) and fried garlic... I still can't get over the taste... >.<

We left and headed to River Kwae (In case that sounds familiar, it's in history text books and there's a movie on it) Had lunch there... though it WAS costly... >.< 1280 baht which was about RM128 for 5 ppl... and we had only 4 dishes... >.< The expensive one was the prawn (long ha) which was 750 baht... that was the bulk of it actually... the place was cool though... the history of the River Kwae or The Dead River was that POWs were brought in by the Japanese during WW2 (yes, American, British even some from Malaya) to build the bridge and it was terrible in the sense that the workers were treated very badly... most dieing due to malnutrition, malaria and other diseases. <_< I think i'll stop the history lesson here... >.<

Then another long drive over to Bangkok as we watched people celebrating the new year (Water festival) The youths basically waste a lot of water splashing whoever and whenever they can... I'm sure Singapore would be in fits if they ever had a festival like this... >.<

And then we began a long journey home... and we had barbecue for dinner... in Pattaya itself... kinda cheap... 79 baht for buffet... o.O that's like a RM7.90 buffet... I'm stuffed... >.< And I arrived home at 8 pm local time... took a bathe and now im writing everything down... phew

Was my day fun? Well, a new experience definitely... but unless you go with a local which we did... it's not worth it... the prices skyrocket for foreigners and tourists... >.<

Bleh... I actually wrote so much... think i'm back into blogging... if ANYONE ever reads... >.<

Till next time! (Not tom I think cos dad's working tom... ) ^_^

Posted by Gerald at 4/15/2004 10:17:00 PM

Wednesday, April 14, 2004


Finally I'm writing in my blog again... <_< not like there are a lot of people who check it... >.<

Rundown? I quit my job, am currently in Pattaya, Thailand with my parents, 'enjoying' the heat... (if you thought Malaysia was hot, believe me, it's worse...) Good thing is it's New Year here, meaning my parents are off and i can actually get to go visiting... ^_^

Results came out and frankly it was pretty disappointing... but hey, God will provide... ^_^

Applied to both NUS/NTU + Scholarship... Still in processing... so... *shrug*

But I do trust God that I'll get in... ^_^

Easter was OK... I didn't exactly see our own production, but I caught calvary church's... it was pretty good actually...

Before I came to Pattaya, I went visiting in Ipoh/Sitiawan... It was nice meeting some people... though a bit short

Also, I'm really into RO now... but it's really time consuming to level a Full Support Acolyte (Bear with me if you don't get what that is... >.<) I guess it's good in a way... ^_^ I just like support characters... ^_^

Ok, I'm gonna sleep... too long online == $$$ spent... T_T that's the bad thing about dialup... but I guess I can afford it somewhat... ^_^

Till next time!

Posted by Gerald at 4/14/2004 11:21:00 PM

Sunday, February 29, 2004

LOOOONG time no post...

Plenty has happened lately... most notedly... cell... ^_^ Really exciting after the pre-u getaway... made quite some friends... starting to feel more at home now... yay!

Results will be out next week... pretty scary... but by faith it will be good... >.<

I don't really have much to write now... i wouldn't say a lot of happy stuff happened... but nothing bad happened either (talk about ur typical monotonous day... >.<) Guess it's just a rather dry unexciting period of life... ironic isn't it? When ur busy with sumting u wanna relax and do nothing... but when u have nothing to do... well... not exactly a new line of thought but... still intriguing... ^_^

i'm gonna catch some sleep... *yawn* later peeps!

Posted by Gerald at 2/29/2004 02:08:00 AM

Saturday, January 31, 2004

CNY has come and gone... harvest not too lucrative but still quite good... heheh
Met up with many of my friends too... so it was good i guess...

Oh, I got my very first pay of RM260... for 10 days work... not bad...
In addition... got PI and some other incentives... so pay is gd... when it comes in...

Nothing much happening... oh, had some car problems... but it got fixed today in a matter of minutes... >.< It's amazing how these mechanics can just solve problems just like tat sumtimes and take DAYS for others... (Ok... not really amazing but... *shrug*)

*sigh* Valentine's day is coming... but jus like every other year it's probably gonna be just an ordinary day for me... except there's MTV Asia awards gg on... >.< I guess some people just aren't so lucky... >.<

I guess tat's all i can write now... got work tom so i can't write too much... cheerios!

Posted by Gerald at 1/31/2004 12:10:00 AM

Monday, January 12, 2004

I think i'll be updating weekly... on my day off... >.<

Anyway, I'll be going back to Ipoh for CNY... it's only for a few days... i took off... and I don't think I'll be too free to go visit friends here... but i guess I can visit Ipoh friends no? Unless they go back to their hometown as well... >.<

I'm kinda bored... playing FFX a lot...

*Makes resolve to go do something today* Might meet up with some ppl... ^_^

OK, nothing much to write as u can see... hm... work's good... and I STILL haven't thought of what to do with the money I earn... <_< heheh

Well, I still have time to think about it... ^_^ Me go now... Ciao!

Posted by Gerald at 1/12/2004 01:28:00 PM

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

*Sigh* Haven't had much time lately... started working on the 1st... selling watches. Heh... quite OK I guess... but it's a full time thing... >.<

Well, I guess I won't be able to write often... I'll try to write whenever.... heheh

I'm just thinking what i'm gonna do with the money when i get payed... *droolz*

So anyway... nothing much to report except work is fun... oh, one guy came in with a fake credit card... luckily he didn't get the watch... <_< Learning how to sell watches is surprisingly challenging... heheh... try a hand at sales and see what i mean...

Well I think that's it for now... Till next time... ^_^

Posted by Gerald at 1/06/2004 09:48:00 PM