Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Has a lot been going on? Quite... I'm pretty much busy with hall activities, serving in cell and running errands. I finally got a new PC which I'm quite happy about. An AMD 64 3000+ with a GeForce 6600 GT, 15" LCD monitor and 2.1 speakers. I'm very pleased with it myself.

I managed to fix the hall server somewhat. The forums are up but there's a lack of SMTP service on the server. I need to install that but I've been unable to locate the CD for the server software. That leaves me stuck with a little problem, but it shouldn't take long to overcome.

Concert script is underway. I've done 3 scenes so far, and even though it still needs lots of revision, it seems decent. Still, the conversation is very 'me' if you get my meaning. Hopefully it will turn out alright. I do hope it's appreciated as much as I'd like it to be.

The other hall guys are also busy with orientation drawing close. RHOC and FLOAT peeps are having a difficult time, working till 3/4 am. Thank goodness they have the weekend off.

Cell is pretty tremendous. It's prospering now even though it's the holiday period and many people aren't around. I'm doing what I can to help out, and I think we're all working hard. I pray that God will bless all of us even as we run together for him!

A lot of updates? A final one from me, I'm heading back to KL next week. WHOOPIE! I hope I get to see everyone this time. It should be holidays now, so keep your schedule free!!! Looking forward to it. That's all for now, so signing off!

Posted by Gerald at 6/28/2005 04:54:00 PM

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Well, I'm back in hall, and finally uploaded all that I needed to so the blog now has a new face. It's sad really that it's still simple, but after realising that I can't use php unless I get my own site, I figured it would be better to just hang it for the time being and use blogger.

I ate a lot and the first reaction people got when they saw me was "You've grown fat." ??? -_-? Me? Fat? Well, ok, I put on some weight, but it's good for me. I think I filled out a bit and that's quite ok because I'm so skinny anyway. Still, I never thought I'd see the day when I'd be called fat.

Thailand was pretty relaxing. Visited my parents and got much needed rest. It was HOT though, much like it is in Singapore too. The difference is, hall is currently mosquito infested. I think I'll purchase some Ridsect™ or VapeMat™, and maybe buy some mosquito coils. I'll probably be able to get more sleep then.

Back to Thailand, I watched a lot of movies while I was there, catching all those which I intended to watch but thus far never had the chance. Shows like Master and Commander were pretty ok. I STILL haven't watched Million Dollar Baby though, but I'll try to soon.

Upcoming events these few months: Batman Begins, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, my new PC. Need to go shopping soon for a good deal. Either that or I wait till I have my final room before purchasing so I save myself from lugging it around.

Yes, lots of mini updates, nothing all that substantial. I could probably shelf designing due to the fact that it seems my 'skills' in this area is severely limited. Till something interesting comes up, signing off!

Posted by Gerald at 6/11/2005 09:58:00 AM