Sunday, August 29, 2004


Today was really exciting. Pastor Kong wasn't around so Pastor Derrick preached the word. The word was good. Initially I really thought it was a word I really needed... It was about hurts in your life. But as I examined myself, I realised that I've already let go of most of the hurt that I experienced. I also checked to see if I was really denying the hurt or hiding it, but I really do not see the instance where I do... If anything, I think I don't really remember things much, especially when it comes to the people around me... That could explain why I don't seem to remember many people's birthdays too...

Prayer is wonderful. It's a time where you spend time just 'talking' to God... And if that's the definition, I believe I do a lot of it. Perhaps not in terms of sitting down and really having what I call 'formal prayer'... I talk to God a lot any time that I can. When I sit to think and contemplate about the day or anything, I always also talk to God. I do admit, most of the time it's complaining... but I guess from cell group I learned that giving thanks IN ALL CIRCUMSTANCES means being grateful no matter how bad the situation may seem (Of course, not being grateful for the situation, but in it) God is really good. Hallelujah!

I managed to complete the props needed for the Malaysian night today. It looks a little funny and the skit itself is a ripoff from my college's International Friendship Day... but I guess under the circumstances it'll have to do.

I managed to setup the unix shell to connect to my SOC unix server. So I can access the unix server from hall... i think i'm beginning to love unix. MS-DOS anyone? I think i'll install Suse Linux into this laptop too... Once I burned off all the music and comics... ^_^

I think that's all for now. GAH! I didn't go for COM-EX... heard the deals were awesome... but, well, wallet isn't very healthy at the moment anyway. Ok, I'll stop here!

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Thursday, August 26, 2004

It's been a long time, I know...

Life in Singapore has been interesting so far... I'm pretty much up to date withmy tutorials and stuff, but that's only because the lecturers are starting slow and it's just my first sem. I'm thinking it'll become really hectic as time passes...

Top of the list now is of couse concert. To the uninformed, I'm involved in a Hall production called Poppy. CLICKEY I'm one of the cast members and it's not an easy thing to act/sing/dance... However, I believe I can do it. Those around please please PLEASE do come and support me.

God is good. I've been through a rather stressful period this past few weeks but I'm OK now. Classes have been good and I understand most if not all of the lecturers. Hall life is fun, but there ARE some things which I still have my reservations about. Still, that's not really important just yet.

I think that's about all I can think of right now. CONCERT GANBATTE!

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Sunday, August 08, 2004

As in my previous post, I'm still tired... I wonder why I'm still making this post then... -_-

Today was supposed to be fun... it was. I enjoyed myself... but I couldn't take the grand finale... the foam party was fun, but i was just too pooped to continue. *I probably made an ass of myself too in the process... I'm tired and didn't sleep at ALL last night. I should sleep now, but I just don't quite feel like it. I guess I think I have something to do, but perhaps I don't really...

Nothing much else to post. Spent a day with my parents in the afternoon. Rag day is over so I'm quite happy... No more dance for me... >.<

I'll end here.

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Thursday, August 05, 2004

Tired is the only word to express how I feel; tired is what my physical body is feeling, tired is what I am of myself, tired of repeating the same mistakes, tired of meeting the same problems and still having difficulty overcoming them, tired of HAVING to face those same problems...

Yes, this is a rant! I guess I'm just majorly dispointed with myself today. For the uninformed, I've been spending the past 2 weeks in NUS Raffles Hall having my orientation. Granted, it was fun, but seriously, these people really know how to tire you out. I'm a few days from my first classes and I haven't really slept much. It's a rare commodity. I hope I can last the next few days, what with float and all...

My parents will be down tomorrow... Meaning I probably get to see them for a couple of hours. I can't really spare all that much time with them. I certainly hope they enjoy themselves.

I have too many things to do and no time to think through what to do or when to do them exactly. The worst part is that classes haven't even started. *sigh* There are many issues I have to handle, but I pray and I pray and I PRAY that I can handle it well and God willing, get it done soon. Dilemmas stink!

I think i've said enough. I really need rest now. I'll see what else I can put up here. Hopefully not too long from now...

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