Hall Orientation 1

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Anticipating a slew of posts with regards to this year's orientation, I'm numbering this.

It's that time of year where all the freshmen come en masse to our hall. Nothing spectacular really, but it IS an opportunity to really have fun and everything. After all, it's the few times in the year where studies aren't a concern.

The big worry about orientation is the same its been every year, where people find it boring or uninteresting and start leaving. It's important for hall because this determines whether or not the batch would be united and strong, and determines if the hall can actually survive. While things look pretty OK so far, it's still too early to tell.

It's funny how as we grow older, we have to act more 'childish' to make things more exciting. That's just an observation. It DOES however seem to work pretty well. It makes people excited and enthusiastic, and I hope I get the chance to impact the freshmen positively so they are excited about hall.

Significant changes have been made to the way orientation is conducted, and I think that's a good sign. If people were more excited conducting the events, the participants would also be more excited. It's contagious. I intend to also be spontaneous, loud, excited and enthusiastic as a senior. It seems that having OGLs (leaders who also participate in the group and help hype the group up) is a better model than just having activity heads and a detached person-in-charge, at least that's how it looks.

In any case, it's just day one. Hopefully, everyone enjoys themselves enough to make this year an exciting year. Who knows? These batch might be the strongest we've seen yet. No harm hoping and fighting for that is there?

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Posted by Gerald at 7/28/2007 03:22:00 PM

Another personality thingy

Friday, July 20, 2007

So after making my post, I chance upon this blog, and HAPPENED to see that I was tagged... or meme-ed... whatever you call it.


So let's jump right in...

Name : Gerald (you don't need my full name)
Birth Date : Remember, remember the... (Think V for vendetta)
Current Status : Single, Available, Ignorant
Eye Colour : Brown
Hair Colour : Black, but not entirely...
Right or left : Right

My Heritage : Chinese
My Fears : Missing my calling
My weaknesses : Lack of motivation
My Perfect Pizza : Barbecue tender chicken with lots of onions

My thoughts first waking up : Why the hell is the damn fire alarm ringing?
My bedtime : 3 or thereabouts
My most missed memory: I'd rather not say... although I can say it didn't last long...

Pepsi or coke : Whichever's available
Single or group dates : Group for activities, single for heart to heart talks
Adidas or Nike : Whichever has the cheaper price or better shoe
Tea or Nestea : Again, whichever's available
Chocolate or Vanilla : Vanilla (I'm so plain)
Cappuccino or Coffee : Cappuccino (foamy is much better than plain)

Smoke : No.
Curse : No.
Take a shower : Regularly, and sometimes more often than necessary
Have a crush : I'm 22 going on 23. If this was a no... I'd be worried...
Think you've been in love : Yes.
Go to school : Yes.
Want to get married : Yes.
Believe in yourself : No. Believe in the One who has the power to help me, but not in my own abilities
Think you're a health freak : No, which is worrying...

Drank alcohol : Yes.
Gone to the mall : Yes.
Been on stage : Yes, many times.
Eaten sushi : Yes, although not as often as I'd like to...
Dyed your hair : Yes. In fact, there's a streak of colour now...

Played a stripping game : No.
Changed who you were to fit in : Changes for the better, yes, for the worse, no

To be married : 2x where x is more than 5

LAYER 9 : IN A GIRL (GUY).. (I'm supposed to change this to GIRL right?)
Best eye colour : Realistically, they should all be brown / black
Best hair colour : Black, perhaps highlighted to light brown
Short hair or long hair : Long, but shoulders are about as far as it should go

A minute ago : Reading blogs
Hour ago : Wrote a proposal as part time work
1 day ago : Exactly 24 hours ago, I was having lunch, but I was mostly shifting room
1 month ago : Back in KL helping out in my sister's wedding
1 Year ago : Enjoying the 3 months break like now

I love : God
I feel : bored
I hate : my failures
I hide : my innermost secrets
I miss: being young and care-free. (This one I also have to plagiarise ^_^)
I need : to draw closer to God

-Mei Kit
-Kelvin Leong (since he's so free)
-Hwa Chin (whom I know reads my blog)

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Posted by Gerald at 7/20/2007 12:34:00 PM

Collecting Junk

I just shifted my room recently, and I've found out just how much junk I have. The amount of useless paraphernalia some people have a tendency to keep is sometimes astounding.

Some of the cool things about moving or shifting is that you start finding a lot of things you thought you've already lost. It turns up and you're like "oh, so there's where you've been hiding all this while..." Some of these things are trivial, and you will even find yourself going "hey, I've lived long enough without it, I might as well just toss it." Others are monumentally important, and you feel really happy you found them back. Usually, these are objects with a lot of feelings attached to them...

In any case, there just seems to be too many things lying around which really ought to be thrown out. The art of 'throwing away' as my friend puts it, is something that can help remove a lot of clutter in the place we're in. For example, I know of this one guy who seems to find it really difficult to throw stuff away. While I understand that he's probably very sentimental and keeps a lot of things for memory, or is thrifty in that he won't toss something that might still be usable, the amount of stuff he has in a small little hostel room is simply astounding. Shifting has always been a huge problem for him, although he seldom complains.

I guess I really do get where he's coming from. Over the few years we've stayed on campus, it's safe to say that we've collected a sizable number of things. Again, some of them are merely representative of our experiences, like a heart-shaped dollar note from our first love, or a piece of a structure you painstakingly built for an event, while others are everyday objects you use. The latter would obviously need to be kept for practical reasons, but sometimes, I guess the former really needs to be tossed.

This somehow reminds me of Voldemort from Harry Potter (and the finale will be out tomorrow ^_^) in that he collects treasures for his triumphs. Somehow, these 'treasures' will actually be his downfall... or at least that's how it seems to be going.

Perhaps it is time to let go of some things, things that you're holding on to because deep in your heart, you're also still holding on to the feeling or memory. It might not be a bad idea to close a past chapter in your life and move on, and what better way to ensure you can do that than by cutting off the things which remind you of that incident. This is particularly for those not so happy memories you might have.

But then again, who's to say you can't move on and yet still keep fond memories of the past be it bitter or sweet. Perhaps you learned something through that experience, or it was a pleasant memory you'd like to look back to and reminisce once in a while. I know I still keep SOME things as memorabilia... especially those that mean the most to me.

Doesn't everyone do the same thing?

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Posted by Gerald at 7/20/2007 11:52:00 AM

Post Wedding

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

So how has life been since the wedding? In a way, things haven't changed all that much, but things aren't exactly the same.

You see, when people get married, they leave their parents and are joined together and they become "one flesh". This basically means they are no longer two individuals, but are now considered a single entity. This has significant implications. For starters, they should now trust each other implicitly, which means that there is nothing between them that should be kept hidden. In essence, if something is known by one spouse, it should be a given that the other should also know it.

My sister is no longer just my sister. She's now married, and I can no longer consider her as separated from my brother in law. If I share one thing with her, it should be expected that he would know as well. While I know that he's a really great guy, I'm really not sure if I'm ready to bare everything to both him and her when I need someone to talk to. Besides, she should be going about his business now, not worry so much about what happens at the home she has now 'left'. No I'm not implying that she should forget all about the family, but inevitably, she has greater priorities now, and therefore, she ought to see to those priorities first.

I'm very happy for the both of them, and I do wish them all the best. I love the both of them, but I cannot draw as close to them now as I have previously with my sister. It is not because they cannot be trusted, but rather I feel that now, there are some things which can no longer be shared.

There are other implications, but I guess I haven't really thought about it yet. I don't think it's a bad or good thing, it's just a change which must be accepted.

The wedding itself was great, and I'm very happy for them. Perhaps I'll post up a bit more details on what happened another time...

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Posted by Gerald at 7/11/2007 02:11:00 AM

Things that happen

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Everything happens for a reason... or so I thought...

Sometimes, when things happen to you, perhaps you should just take it at face value and simply ignore it and pretend it didn't happen. Some things happen to you prompting you to make decisions which you regret, so it would seem wise to just shrug off what happened and carry on as if it didn't.

Sometimes, even though you may have thought through everything carefully and tried to do the best thing at that point, it somehow seems to turn out bad. You might have taken the time to really sit down and consider the options, but STILL make a foolish decision.

Sometimes, you happen to be the person who does this most of the time.

Sometimes, you wished for more wisdom.

Sometimes, you wished you weren't you...

Posted by Gerald at 7/05/2007 11:40:00 PM

Bad-nime Tech-sperience

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Here's a copy of an email I sent to AnimeTech:

Although I enjoy buying a lot of anime from your shops, I am terribly disappointed in your sales staff.

Today, I visited your Mid-Valley branch. I was very interested in getting the original Fate/Stay Night DVDs, especially after enquiring about the price. Unfortunately, your staff told me that it was sold out, which was perfectly fine.

I then asked her if she could check with your other outlets to see if they have any in stock, and if they did, if they could reserve it for me. She left and I continued browsing, and after some time, she came back informing me that the Sunway Pyramid branch and Centerpoint branch had a copy.

I asked her to reserve them for me, and left my contact number. She asked when I would be collecting, and I told her probably tomorrow or the day after.

Later in the day, I decided I couldn't wait and headed to Sunway Pyramid. On arrival, I enquired about my reservation only to find that that outlet too was sold out. Moreover, the only other branch which had a copy had already reserved it.

I asked as to why I had not been informed, but was told that since I specified that I would be collecting tomorrow, they had yet to inform me.

As a customer, I felt very cheated of my time and effort. I SPECIFICALLY enquired to find out if any branch still had a copy, and was INFORMED by YOUR STAFF that these two branches did, and that I had placed a reservation for a copy. She should not have misled me to believe that there was one when there was, in fact, none available.

Furthermore, the attitude of your staff in Sunway Pyramid was condascending and totally unhelpful. She was neither sympathetic nor apologetic. She did not even TRY to find out if there was any other way she could help me, or tell me when the next shipment would be coming.

I am a firm supporter of legitimate Anime sales and see your company as one of the few legitimate outlets where Malaysians can purchase quality original products. This incident has however, left me with a bitter feeling.

Your sales staff is your contact point between your company and your customers. It would be a shame if your company's good reputation is undermined by the impoliteness of your sales staff. A company of your reputation and stature should know better.

I feel that this matter needs to be brought to your attention. I hope that in future, incidents like this would not happen again, although I suspect you may be seeing significantly less of my patronage.

I'm being very nice in the email, although my actual feelings are more the likes of:

Now I know why I prefer downloading from the internet!

Posted by Gerald at 7/03/2007 08:12:00 PM

Of families, dinners and weddings

Monday, July 02, 2007

The past week or so has been rather hectic. Having a wedding is no joke, and I really underestimated the amount of preparation and time required to have everything running smoothly. My sister's been busy running everywhere making sure everything is perfect, and things haven't slowed down since. We went back to Sitiawan for a dinner on Saturday, rushed to Ipoh the next day for another dinner back there, then came back to KL this morning, only to see my sister and her 'husband' (well, technically not yet, but about there) rush off to meet some people to finalise some details for the actual wedding this coming weekend.

Me? I finally got my hands on a computer with an internet connection.

I liked my suit. I think it was a good fit and a good price. Surprisingly, I managed to get one off the shelf even though my build don't really suit my height.

Of course, the shining jewel of the weekend was the beautiful bride. I've never seen my sister so 'dressed up' before. I read the newspapers this morning, and there was a photo of some Miss Chinese Cheongsam something... seriously wondered why my sister never bothered to join; She would've crushed the opposition. (Or maybe her not so strong grasp of mandarin kept her away).

The collection of 'Ang Pows' (thanks to all the generous attendees), turned out to be an interesting event in itself. I guess it's practical to count up the amount and pay off the restaurant that very night itself so that we don't carry the burden of having quite a bit of cash on us. Still, it's not everyday you see such a huge stack of 50s, even if it disappears into the restaurants' cash registers seconds later.

So far, it's only been preliminary. The final hurdle will come this Saturday, and it's going to be a VERY LONG day. It's her day, so we'll all try to make it great for her.

Oh, my turn will not be coming soon in the unforeseeable future.

Posted by Gerald at 7/02/2007 02:13:00 PM