Collecting Junk

Friday, July 20, 2007

I just shifted my room recently, and I've found out just how much junk I have. The amount of useless paraphernalia some people have a tendency to keep is sometimes astounding.

Some of the cool things about moving or shifting is that you start finding a lot of things you thought you've already lost. It turns up and you're like "oh, so there's where you've been hiding all this while..." Some of these things are trivial, and you will even find yourself going "hey, I've lived long enough without it, I might as well just toss it." Others are monumentally important, and you feel really happy you found them back. Usually, these are objects with a lot of feelings attached to them...

In any case, there just seems to be too many things lying around which really ought to be thrown out. The art of 'throwing away' as my friend puts it, is something that can help remove a lot of clutter in the place we're in. For example, I know of this one guy who seems to find it really difficult to throw stuff away. While I understand that he's probably very sentimental and keeps a lot of things for memory, or is thrifty in that he won't toss something that might still be usable, the amount of stuff he has in a small little hostel room is simply astounding. Shifting has always been a huge problem for him, although he seldom complains.

I guess I really do get where he's coming from. Over the few years we've stayed on campus, it's safe to say that we've collected a sizable number of things. Again, some of them are merely representative of our experiences, like a heart-shaped dollar note from our first love, or a piece of a structure you painstakingly built for an event, while others are everyday objects you use. The latter would obviously need to be kept for practical reasons, but sometimes, I guess the former really needs to be tossed.

This somehow reminds me of Voldemort from Harry Potter (and the finale will be out tomorrow ^_^) in that he collects treasures for his triumphs. Somehow, these 'treasures' will actually be his downfall... or at least that's how it seems to be going.

Perhaps it is time to let go of some things, things that you're holding on to because deep in your heart, you're also still holding on to the feeling or memory. It might not be a bad idea to close a past chapter in your life and move on, and what better way to ensure you can do that than by cutting off the things which remind you of that incident. This is particularly for those not so happy memories you might have.

But then again, who's to say you can't move on and yet still keep fond memories of the past be it bitter or sweet. Perhaps you learned something through that experience, or it was a pleasant memory you'd like to look back to and reminisce once in a while. I know I still keep SOME things as memorabilia... especially those that mean the most to me.

Doesn't everyone do the same thing?

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Posted by Gerald at 7/20/2007 11:52:00 AM