Bad-nime Tech-sperience

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Here's a copy of an email I sent to AnimeTech:

Although I enjoy buying a lot of anime from your shops, I am terribly disappointed in your sales staff.

Today, I visited your Mid-Valley branch. I was very interested in getting the original Fate/Stay Night DVDs, especially after enquiring about the price. Unfortunately, your staff told me that it was sold out, which was perfectly fine.

I then asked her if she could check with your other outlets to see if they have any in stock, and if they did, if they could reserve it for me. She left and I continued browsing, and after some time, she came back informing me that the Sunway Pyramid branch and Centerpoint branch had a copy.

I asked her to reserve them for me, and left my contact number. She asked when I would be collecting, and I told her probably tomorrow or the day after.

Later in the day, I decided I couldn't wait and headed to Sunway Pyramid. On arrival, I enquired about my reservation only to find that that outlet too was sold out. Moreover, the only other branch which had a copy had already reserved it.

I asked as to why I had not been informed, but was told that since I specified that I would be collecting tomorrow, they had yet to inform me.

As a customer, I felt very cheated of my time and effort. I SPECIFICALLY enquired to find out if any branch still had a copy, and was INFORMED by YOUR STAFF that these two branches did, and that I had placed a reservation for a copy. She should not have misled me to believe that there was one when there was, in fact, none available.

Furthermore, the attitude of your staff in Sunway Pyramid was condascending and totally unhelpful. She was neither sympathetic nor apologetic. She did not even TRY to find out if there was any other way she could help me, or tell me when the next shipment would be coming.

I am a firm supporter of legitimate Anime sales and see your company as one of the few legitimate outlets where Malaysians can purchase quality original products. This incident has however, left me with a bitter feeling.

Your sales staff is your contact point between your company and your customers. It would be a shame if your company's good reputation is undermined by the impoliteness of your sales staff. A company of your reputation and stature should know better.

I feel that this matter needs to be brought to your attention. I hope that in future, incidents like this would not happen again, although I suspect you may be seeing significantly less of my patronage.

I'm being very nice in the email, although my actual feelings are more the likes of:

Now I know why I prefer downloading from the internet!

Posted by Gerald at 7/03/2007 08:12:00 PM