Hall Orientation 1

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Anticipating a slew of posts with regards to this year's orientation, I'm numbering this.

It's that time of year where all the freshmen come en masse to our hall. Nothing spectacular really, but it IS an opportunity to really have fun and everything. After all, it's the few times in the year where studies aren't a concern.

The big worry about orientation is the same its been every year, where people find it boring or uninteresting and start leaving. It's important for hall because this determines whether or not the batch would be united and strong, and determines if the hall can actually survive. While things look pretty OK so far, it's still too early to tell.

It's funny how as we grow older, we have to act more 'childish' to make things more exciting. That's just an observation. It DOES however seem to work pretty well. It makes people excited and enthusiastic, and I hope I get the chance to impact the freshmen positively so they are excited about hall.

Significant changes have been made to the way orientation is conducted, and I think that's a good sign. If people were more excited conducting the events, the participants would also be more excited. It's contagious. I intend to also be spontaneous, loud, excited and enthusiastic as a senior. It seems that having OGLs (leaders who also participate in the group and help hype the group up) is a better model than just having activity heads and a detached person-in-charge, at least that's how it looks.

In any case, it's just day one. Hopefully, everyone enjoys themselves enough to make this year an exciting year. Who knows? These batch might be the strongest we've seen yet. No harm hoping and fighting for that is there?

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Posted by Gerald at 7/28/2007 03:22:00 PM