Monday, March 21, 2005

It's been a long time...

DND was just over. It was good, although I personally felt it wasn't as spectacular as it was meant to be. The Final Years were hillarious. I think it's a tradition to dig out all those 'dirt' and expose it (again) to the whole hall. It's really funny, but I also know that the people involved can get pretty hurt. Don't take it seriously, after all, it's just for phun and I seriously don't think they mean to insult you. At least they didn't do it behind your backs.

I'm trying to catch-up on studies. Dance Uncensored will be this Wed, so I have to get my work done by then. It shouldn't be a problem but I really pray that God will continue to help me.

Easter is coming. I'm hoping and praying that my friends' from hall will go down. I've already tried asking but I still have not got a solid yes. I'll just have to keep asking and trusting God to give me the harvest. I'm going all out for it!

Studies must be up to scratch. Off to do it now!

Posted by Gerald at 3/21/2005 01:26:00 PM

Saturday, March 12, 2005

I went for Ps Benny Hinn's conference today. It was AMAZING. Singapore Indoor Stadium was simply packed. Luckily I was in choir so I got my seat... ^_^ The place was electrifying. There were about 5000 people who couldn't get inside. And today was just the first day. The healing was amazing. I saw a girl who just came out of brain tumor operation get up from her bed and walk on stage. I also saw a whole bunch of people leave their wheelchairs and start walking... some even running. It was really amazing. The deaf were healed as were the blind. It was absolutely amazing how God's power swept throught the place.

Pastor also shared that in Jesus' time, they never questioned His ability to heal, they questioned His ability to bring salvation. Now however, people don't really question His ability to save, they question His ability to heal! The truth is, He does BOTH, and He does it VERY WELL. You just have to have the faith for it and grab it!

Pastor also prayed for the choir (US!!!) and it was amazing. All of us joined hands and closed our eyes... and before I knew it I flew back literally and couldn't get up. It was much later when I realised the WHOLE CHOIR was down. It was absolutely amazing. I want to go back to receive more but alas, I got a test tomorrow. It was a real blessing to be serving in choir.

Ok. I should go back and study now. Just wanted to share this praise report before I lose the fire. Looking forward to an exciting week!

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Friday, March 04, 2005

It's been way too long since my last post. Everythings is pretty fine, except that I've been really busy since since CNY. So many things happened since then. Had a rushed trip back which was mid-way through RHAZZ preperation. (RHAZZ is short for Rhazzmatazz... another hall production but this time for cultural groups). Band did pretty well... just that I personally didn't do ALL THAT much...

So, RHAZZ is over, tests are coming in. Had one last Saturday which was OK I guess. The next one would be tomorrow... I have 2 actually... so I'm studying for it now. However, I ALSO have cell tonight... and I'm playing the guitar so I have to be there early... God I trust you to pull me through!

Band Jam is also coming up soon... I'm really going to have work hard after tomorrow... I really thank God for the strength to keep on keeping on. I think I would've given up a lot earlier if it wasn't for Him.

I've completed almost all my hall activities. Band Jam will be the last. I've made a resolution not to be too involved in hall next year... I can spend more time doing what's more important... God's work!

I miss my family although we had a great time during CNY. Sis' working hard and so is dad. Mum is probably at home, so this is for you. ^_^ Hope you read it soon. Do take care and eat properly... ^_^

I'm not going to do anything during the holidays (for hall that is)... mainly because I'm not free the last month (July). Looking forward to a good rest.

That's all I can write for now... back to studying I guess. ^_^

Posted by Gerald at 3/04/2005 02:55:00 PM