Thursday, October 30, 2003

I know I didn't post sunday's sermon... my computer got infected by a worm and I had to clean it...

Plus, I didn't have internet access in my room (wireless access had a bad connection), so I didn't have the notes with me either... >.<

Anyway, i'm downstairs at the reception area... only place to get a decent connection... they even switched off the one outside the library... >.<

Yea, looking forward to matrix revolutions... planning to stay over at elvis' place after... it starts at 10... i hope i can get tickets today... oh my, i got almost a week... ^^ but to be safe i'm BUYING (not booking) the tickets... PLUS the premier happens to fall on a very special day... ^^

Anyhow, been doing math lately, and physics only... Bio students have practical now... I dunno when they finish, but waiting for reply.... so far have me, Elvis, Pao Yau, Tracy, Ke Xin... waiting for more replies... hmm... looking at the list, i think pao yau's fears of not enough girls is unjustified... T_T better have more guys...

Anyway, A's drawing closer, so study more... oh, had sushi buffet yesterday... mand I was so stuffed... and I think the restaurant will blacklist us... >.< For those who understand, another Fried Hotate? >.<

Also, I joined friendster... (For the uninformed, like I was.... go here so i'm connected to a lot of ppl now... ^_^

I think that's mostly it for today's post... I'll try to post the sermon notes... ^^ soon... God Bless you!

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Friday, October 24, 2003

WOW!!! Today was awesome! Cell was tremendous... but really the word was great (Though it was a little pointed... Realy cut to the heart)

It was about 5 benefits of belonging to a church! WOW! What are they?
1) I become a part of the family of God with other believers.
2) I receive encouragement to grow spiritually.
3) I can be accountable to others and grow spiritually. (This one i need to work on... ^_^)
4) Jesus is the present when we meet together.
5) There is great power when Christians pray together.

EXELLENT! I know todays cell was great!

Yea anyway, today also I cooked after so long... ^_^
Well, it was just frying stuff, but hey, i fried prata (canai), nuggets and onion rings... ^_^

ok i think that's all i can think off for now... gonna disconnect soon... was really blessed today...

Sunday, i'm gonna pour out everything... nothing much, but i'm gonna be as transparent as glass then... i'd be surprised if there's anything abt me Patrick doesn't know by then... ^^


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Monday, October 20, 2003

I didn't post yesterday... but I hope I can do it today...

Yesterday's message was great! It was basically the 10 characteristics of BIG people... ^_^

Yea, so basically, we shouldn't always think small... it doesn't mean that being extremely poor and living close to poverty shows how pious we are...
We should not delight in false humility.

So the 10 characteristics:
1) Big people are generous (they don't withold help/contribution)
2) Big people are not petty (they don't get upset easily)
3) Big people forgive easily and don't hold grudges (in fact, we shouldn't even HAVE anything to forgive in the first place... it should not matter to us if some one has wronged us should it?)
4) Big people release others, they don't restrict them (don't tell others that they're idealistic etc)
5) Big people do not TRY to be big people (profound but self explanatory)
6) Big people treat little people well (they don't look down on others)
7) Big people listen - they're teachable (they're never too big to learn)
8) Big people honour leadership and accept guidance (self explanatory)
9) Big people respect appropriateness (they do what's right and appropriate)
10) Big people have a BIG capacity (the can do much)

Yea, so that's the run down for the big stuff... ^^

Nothing much happened today... except I did some math and ate... played a little too (Ragnarok™ Online is pretty cool). Having formal dinner on thursday... my last for me I might add... >.< I dunno whether to be happy and look forward to it or not... but i guess it's fine...

Tomorrow is my first test, just physics practical... but i'm gonna pray hard anyway... ^_^ Gotta wake up early... so signing off...

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Saturday, October 18, 2003

Another relatively long day today... hardly studied (almost didn't) these past few days...

Went for a meeting at NUS today, had to do with scholarships... After that went with Pao Yao to Orchard to meet with the rest of the cell group... we were queueing up for a journal... by Ho Yeow Sun... It was really nice... >.<

Yea, queued up abt 2 hrs to get it tho... the CD itself was nice too... first time there were English tracks...
>.< Quite glad for that...

Then I went to catch a movie... we decided to watch Matchstick Man™. It was good... really... about a con artist... only problem was that the only tickets available were the ones right in front... >.< so I got a neck-ache now... ugh...

Also ate bread for dinner... Breadtalk™ was having an offer, $1 each... so I bought 3 for dinner... now i'm stuffed!

And about cell yesterday... I forgot to post it up, but we had a talk about the 6 different styles of evangelism... or basically 6 styles that we relate to ppl... each has a unique style or two... yesterday covered the last three which didn't really apply to me, they were the inter-personal style, invitational style and the serving style. Inter-personal are those who make lots of friends... and really like to talk a lot generally... liked by many people. Invitational are those who invite people around... who once they ask you to go somewhere, you'd just go... they have excellent 'advertising' skills. Lastly it's the serving style... people who can feel comfortable doing things for others.

Me? I don't fit in any of those... There are three other style which are confrontational, intellectual and testimonial. I'm both confrontational and intellectual, meaning I am VERY straightforward and like to debate... so to speak, challenging opinions etc. (explains why I'm not really that easy to get along with). The last one is testimonial, which is the ability to tell stories... often without a full-stop (can't keep quiet basically...)

So there, the 6 style... we need to develop all definitely, and know when to use which... and not to let any one of them be overdone...

Yea I think that's all for now... Wrote a lot today... Till next time!

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Thursday, October 16, 2003

Ahh... today was a long day...

Went to school... tot it was a total waste of time... in terms of studies it was... >.<

Last lesson today too... can't believe it... after 2 years of JC studying, it just ended like that...
Also, probably the last time I enter ANY class in uniform... o.O quite scary... but happy at the same time...

Tomorrow farewell assembly... taking my camera to school... gonna take photos... tho i dunno if there are THAT many memories to capture... I guess general stuph like classmates, council etc. would be ok... Again, the mixed feelings... partly sad partly happy... sad cos we're parting... well, at least till after our exams... sad also cos our class isn't at the best of terms when we part... sad also cos of the impending disaster a.k.a exams are coming... BUT happy cos no more school (on second tot, that shldn't really be a happy tot... i dunno wat to do after exams... probably gonna do NOTHING... fat lot of good that'll do me...), happy cos no more uniform, cos after exams over etc.

I think tomorrow will be exciting... not just cos of the events, but cos it's the day we actually bid farewell to teachers too... well, at least some of them... I think even though we may complain a lot, they're still pretty good... and I really appreciate them (THERE! don't say I don't... ^_^)

And *gasp* in addition, TOMORROW THERE'S CELL!!! Yahoo!!! (No not the web portal)... ^_^

I hope to post whatever I learn there here too... stay tuned tomorrow... ^_^

I think that's all for now, have roll call... ^_^. Take care all!

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Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Slept real late last night... bah dumb computer game...

Surprisingly, I still woke up at 9... and promptly fell back to sleep... so much for waking up early

I'm going to school tomorrow that's for sure... And I have to do some work... Been working though still not as much as I'd like to...

The connection is sucky... I can't stand it... so I'll keep this post a little short...

The design has changed yet again... ^_^ looks better and better no? I won't add anything else just yet, especially not a tag board for ppl to comment... it's my thoughts... you wanna comment, set up your own blog... ^_^

That's all for today, back to math... *sigh*


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Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Ah another day....

well, A levels started today... Chemistry practical... ^_^ But I don't take Cheminstry, so I'm at home... YAY!

Next week is Physics practical so I'll have to go... Friday will be the last day of school... er... Farewell Assembly... Should attend since school wants to send us off no?

HAven't been studying much lately... which is BAD! I gotta start soon, but I simply can't do it... I dunno why... I force myself to sit down and study, and I get a little done... but usually when that happends, something else which requires my attention (and it's NOT a game/tv) pops up... I dunno, just not the right thing to do... I guess... I think blogging is a good way to clear the mind so that I can just say whatever then go do the things I'm supposed to...

Well, there, mind unloaded... now to delve into Math... aw crap, almost lunch time...

I'll do a question or two and then go eat... >.<

Later people!

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Monday, October 13, 2003


shouldn't have come to school today... UGH, had to wake up so early... -_- can barely open my eyes....

I'm getting kinda bored lately... need to study more... ^^

FINALLY watched the Matrix Reloaded... it was kinda cool, though I didn't get much of it... >.<

Also, I didn't eat dinner last night... but i wasn't feeling very hungry... (Probably cos I was playing War3 and didn't want to pause it for dinner... >.<) So I ate a pack of Doritos and relied on breakfast, which turned out quite ok... ^^

I'm in school, but everyone else is playing Yahoo!™ Pool... I guess I'm just not really into it... much... ^^

Anything else to add? Not at this point no... so till next time...

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Sunday, October 12, 2003

Just got back from church... Today's service was exciting! 7 principals to learn... but I gotta digest it properly first... let me share it here ^_^

1) Your moods are determined by what has captured your focus!
2) The greatest power gratitude possesses is its inability to remain hidden!
3) God does not respond to pain, He responds to PURSUIT!
4) God's word completes us so we are free to focus on the needs of others!
a) The word solves the problem of fear
b) The word solves the problem of 'What's God's will?'
c) The word solves the problem of 'Does God want me to fear?'
d) The word solves the problem of 'Is it God's will that I be sick?'
e) The word solves the problem of self deception
f) The word produces true peace
g) The word enables us to make wise decisions
h) The word enables us to withstand temptation
5) Never make the pleasurable people of today pay the price of rejection fot the painful people of yesterday! (This one I REALLY like... ^_^)
6) Refusal to solve problems for others creates problems for yourself.
And finally...
7) A seed for the world is a harvest for YOU!

Well, most people wouldn't really get most of this... but to me, o.O, It's a REVELATION!

But I believe all these principals help me to build a life that we've only dreamt about... until now... ^_^

Some basic quotes which I find is quite true...
a) If you take something God did not give you, He will take something He gave you back from you (God gave Adam the garden, but not the tree. When Adam took the forbidden fruit, God took back the garden)
b) You cannot regain through repentance that which you have lost through disobedience (Adam repented, but didn't get back the garden)
c) You cannot fail without your consent, and you can never succeed without your participation
d) You cannot outperform what you believe about you

WOW! That's a lot for a day's post... ^_^. But I think this'll happen every Sunday... there's just too much to share... >.< I'm really blessed to receive this word, and I'm putting it here to share it with all. Hopefully, you'll learn something from this...

God bless and till next time!

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Saturday, October 11, 2003

Ugh... woke up late... didn't realised I was so tired... *shrug*

But it's Saturday! Meaning there's CELL GROUP! WOOHOO!!! Something to look forward to... ^_^

Had a weird dream last night.... sort of a combination of Star Wars and Survivor (I dunno prolly cos I watched a little last night)... and then some... well, it was kinda nice... Had two incidences which I remember pretty vividly... but I won't go into it anymore... a dream's a dream no?

As of this time, I've taken my shower and stuff, and I'm doing some maths as well... ugh... but hey, we gotta do what we gotta do...

I'll be leaving for cell in a bit... I hope to have a great time! ^^

Edit: Incedentally, I've added some piccies... they're small so I guess they won't eat too much bandwidth... ^^. Looks a little more peronalised now don't it?

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Friday, October 10, 2003

*Begin ramble*
Feeling a little better today... I'm also working to further improve the layout of the blog... hopefully, it's look a lot nicer... ^_^

Getting the ASEAN t-shirt soon... yay... well, ok, I got it free... thanks to my juniors... but I'm still pretty much wouldn't mind ppaying for it... It IS nice... at least if the design remains the same.... hope it turns out ok.

Haven't been to MR in a while... (a while being since last night...) Still haven't got the scans from elven_princess... so I haven't been able to work on it... but I hope to get it soon... >.<

Yea I think that's all... still in school and have a feedback lecture to attend at 1345 hrs... mebbe I'll go back and finish more work... weekend is booked for church... ^^ That's the only thing I look forward to now!

Thank God I have a great supportive cell... well, I think I've written enough now... I'll post again some time... soon I hope...

*End ramble*

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Thursday, October 09, 2003

Finally back from school today...

*sigh* guess it was right, A lvl's isn't easy... I'm guessing I'll have to work harder then...

My results weren't particularly encouraging... but I'm buking up... hopefully I can salvage something here... heheh

I really pray that everyone will do well... especially all cell members... Hope you guys do great! Yea, but for now, dun get too distracted... work harder... ^_^

Ok, I'm going back to maths now... then GP.... ugh... gotta finish it today... well, better get to work... may post again before I zip off to dreamland... but well... later...

Posted by Gerald at 10/09/2003 03:32:00 PM

I'll try to update here as much as possible... only got a minute or so to write this

I realise I always post short stuff... but i'll just be quick here cos i'm getting chased out of the room...

Today was quite ok i guess... i'm tired tho... i'll write here again later...

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Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Finally got the blog running... worked on the layout a bit... not too bad if i say so myself... ^^

I'm tired today... even though i didn't study as much, but hey, i still did... ^^

Posted by Gerald at 10/08/2003 09:44:00 PM

I'm just gonna ramble on about nothing here... It's basically my thoughts...

For today, I just feel a little down... but praise God I'll be up soon. ^^

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