Sunday, October 12, 2003

Just got back from church... Today's service was exciting! 7 principals to learn... but I gotta digest it properly first... let me share it here ^_^

1) Your moods are determined by what has captured your focus!
2) The greatest power gratitude possesses is its inability to remain hidden!
3) God does not respond to pain, He responds to PURSUIT!
4) God's word completes us so we are free to focus on the needs of others!
a) The word solves the problem of fear
b) The word solves the problem of 'What's God's will?'
c) The word solves the problem of 'Does God want me to fear?'
d) The word solves the problem of 'Is it God's will that I be sick?'
e) The word solves the problem of self deception
f) The word produces true peace
g) The word enables us to make wise decisions
h) The word enables us to withstand temptation
5) Never make the pleasurable people of today pay the price of rejection fot the painful people of yesterday! (This one I REALLY like... ^_^)
6) Refusal to solve problems for others creates problems for yourself.
And finally...
7) A seed for the world is a harvest for YOU!

Well, most people wouldn't really get most of this... but to me, o.O, It's a REVELATION!

But I believe all these principals help me to build a life that we've only dreamt about... until now... ^_^

Some basic quotes which I find is quite true...
a) If you take something God did not give you, He will take something He gave you back from you (God gave Adam the garden, but not the tree. When Adam took the forbidden fruit, God took back the garden)
b) You cannot regain through repentance that which you have lost through disobedience (Adam repented, but didn't get back the garden)
c) You cannot fail without your consent, and you can never succeed without your participation
d) You cannot outperform what you believe about you

WOW! That's a lot for a day's post... ^_^. But I think this'll happen every Sunday... there's just too much to share... >.< I'm really blessed to receive this word, and I'm putting it here to share it with all. Hopefully, you'll learn something from this...

God bless and till next time!

Posted by Gerald at 10/12/2003 05:21:00 PM