Friday, October 24, 2003

WOW!!! Today was awesome! Cell was tremendous... but really the word was great (Though it was a little pointed... Realy cut to the heart)

It was about 5 benefits of belonging to a church! WOW! What are they?
1) I become a part of the family of God with other believers.
2) I receive encouragement to grow spiritually.
3) I can be accountable to others and grow spiritually. (This one i need to work on... ^_^)
4) Jesus is the present when we meet together.
5) There is great power when Christians pray together.

EXELLENT! I know todays cell was great!

Yea anyway, today also I cooked after so long... ^_^
Well, it was just frying stuff, but hey, i fried prata (canai), nuggets and onion rings... ^_^

ok i think that's all i can think off for now... gonna disconnect soon... was really blessed today...

Sunday, i'm gonna pour out everything... nothing much, but i'm gonna be as transparent as glass then... i'd be surprised if there's anything abt me Patrick doesn't know by then... ^^


Posted by Gerald at 10/24/2003 11:02:00 PM