Monday, October 20, 2003

I didn't post yesterday... but I hope I can do it today...

Yesterday's message was great! It was basically the 10 characteristics of BIG people... ^_^

Yea, so basically, we shouldn't always think small... it doesn't mean that being extremely poor and living close to poverty shows how pious we are...
We should not delight in false humility.

So the 10 characteristics:
1) Big people are generous (they don't withold help/contribution)
2) Big people are not petty (they don't get upset easily)
3) Big people forgive easily and don't hold grudges (in fact, we shouldn't even HAVE anything to forgive in the first place... it should not matter to us if some one has wronged us should it?)
4) Big people release others, they don't restrict them (don't tell others that they're idealistic etc)
5) Big people do not TRY to be big people (profound but self explanatory)
6) Big people treat little people well (they don't look down on others)
7) Big people listen - they're teachable (they're never too big to learn)
8) Big people honour leadership and accept guidance (self explanatory)
9) Big people respect appropriateness (they do what's right and appropriate)
10) Big people have a BIG capacity (the can do much)

Yea, so that's the run down for the big stuff... ^^

Nothing much happened today... except I did some math and ate... played a little too (Ragnarok™ Online is pretty cool). Having formal dinner on thursday... my last for me I might add... >.< I dunno whether to be happy and look forward to it or not... but i guess it's fine...

Tomorrow is my first test, just physics practical... but i'm gonna pray hard anyway... ^_^ Gotta wake up early... so signing off...

Posted by Gerald at 10/20/2003 09:23:00 PM