Thursday, April 29, 2004

Wonderful day...

Came back yesterday but lo and behold, I found that there's no internet connection and the bathroom light blew.

So I was internet deprived... -_-"

Anyway, Today was busy busy day... Settled all my Uni applications! So, yea, I'm happy... but I still have some errands to run... so... Visited DHL in PJ too (*sigh* POSLAJU really needs to improve service...) Hopefully no hiccups... ^_^

I might add more here later... tomorrow, I'll be having cell multiplication so... ^_^ Later!

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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

OK... I'm heading back to Malaysia tomorrow... so much for my trip to Thailand... It was admittedly pretty fun...

Got lot's of things to take note of... CHEQUE! And UNI PAYMENT!

Bleh, trying to get my Uni stuff done online but not enough information to complete the process yet... basically online payment... >.<

Also looking forward to some time of doing nothing except wait for invitations to go out or initiate outings... ^_^ I'll be free... ^_^

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Today was movie marathon day... literally...

Saw so many shows I dunno how to keep count...

I remember Spiderman, Love Actually and I can't remember one of the early Meg Ryan films... -_-

There were so many films that I don't remember them... -_- SERIOUS couch potato... I think I put on a few kilos just today alone... (although I seriously doubt it... I think I burn calories just sitting around... )

Even resorted to watching the Bold and the Beautiful... *sigh*

OK, nothing much to write about today... but I'll be heading back in a few days... well, as of now it's tomorrow... Hope my parents are OK with it... -_- That's all!

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Monday, April 26, 2004

Last weekend in Pattaya... >.<

Pretty uneventful... though I'm still worried about things I have to do when I get back...

There's Uni stuff and then there's some errands and bills to pay... *shrug*

I seriously do not have much to write... I've eaten in a seafood restaurant, had Indian cuisine, and KFC (which was super hot... -_-) over the last weekend... not exactly superb, but quite nice... ^_^

I got nothing much to write... except there's a reminder for myself which I'll post here... Contact NUS ASAP! Send PAYMENT!

Oh, and the CHEQUE! ^_^

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Thursday, April 22, 2004

I am so PEEVED!

The University I applied to really did a great job I tell you...

I'll quote from the emails they sent me

Email 1 dated 21st April 2004:
"Congratulations on achieving outstanding academic excellence to be offered early admissions to ***.

We would like to confirm our offer of the XXX Scholarship to you for studies in one of the two *** undergraduate courses offered to you. We will send you the offer letter in 2 weeks time, after you have confirmed the course you wish to accept at *** by 22 April 2004.

We look forward to having you to be part of ***.

Regards, (Name ommited)"

Email 2 dated 22nd April 2004:
"kindly note that you are shortlisted for interview for the XXX Scholarship. The interview will probably be in May/June 2004.

I apologise for the wrongly worded email forwarded to you, and look forward to seeing you at ***."

Talk about good service... >.<

So basically, I HAVEN'T got the scholarship... yet anyway... >.<

But, by God's grace I can still get it after the interview... guess I just have to go by faith!

Still, it does dampen the mood...

Not in a mood to blog now... so...

Oh and on another note, blogger lost my post 2ce... meaning I had to rewrite this post 3 times! -___-"

Mebbe it was my connection... *shrug*

*PS: Edited the post to protect the UNI... suppose it's only right...

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o.O I can't believe it!!! WAAAH!!! (Took too much sugar I think... >.<)

Okok... calm... -_-
What I did yesterday? The day was pretty much boring... but the night was rather interesting... went to watch a Miss Tiffany show... and in case you dunno what that is, well, let's say it's a he/she show... Initially I was dubious... I mean, what's so great about them? After all, I'm sure it's much better seeing pure females... >.< But well, just go and see lar... got tickets anyway... >.< And I must say, I wasn't that far off the mark... -_- They were stunning... definitely... tall and with makeup, if they were REAL girls, ANY guy would fall for them... (I think even women lose out... -_-) But I must say they weren't really all that spectacular... the show itself was sub-standard... I've seen much better done by a ship crew... (OK it was a cruise ship, but still... ) The only attraction is that you KNOW their not girls... at least not totally... But admittedly, they are stunning... too bad their not real girls... >.<

Today? Read comics... (I have a few series on the computer... ) Love Hina to be exact... it's nice rereading... ^_^ And I went to play badminton... -_- haven't exercised in so long... luckily I stretched... so I hope I won't ache TOO much tomorrow... -_-
GTG... late... ^_^ Nite!

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Monday, April 19, 2004

Today was an OK day....

Went visiting... Aunty Geeta is nice... played Playstation, had lunch, played UNO and Jenga... ^_^

And I'm posting this 'cos Lydia asked me to... >.< so much for updates... -_-"

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Sunday, April 18, 2004

Ok, never posted past few days... bad mood... >.<

But today was OK... Went to church, had a service for roughly 15 people at most... (first time I've sat in a church that small... congregational wise that is...) This was followed by lunch... ^_^ Thai food is OK I guess, but not everyone can take it... >.<

After that my dad took me some place special... ^_^ Couldn't believe we actually went there... >.<


Went there, picked up the calibre, picked a gun... (yes, a REAL one), a target sheet and went shooting... literally...
Not that I'm the best shooter, but picking up a gun for the first time, I shot a 63/100 and the second time a 65/100 (right... only a slight increase, but STILL...) I have the sheets to prove it! And my dad who WAS in the navy shot a 65/100... (meaning I'm pretty good for a first timer) ^_^ Highlight of my day!

Man, it's HOT here... temperature is around 40+ on average... >.< And since it's Songkran, you're supposed to get wet, BUT... I'm not THAT big a fan of water... >.<

Ok, nothing much left to say... tomorrow is visiting day so gotta see mum's friends... >.< Hope it's fun... ^_^ Cheerio!

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Thursday, April 15, 2004


Had a pretty exciting day... woke up REAL early... (well, about 4.30 am local time... >.<)
Got into a pretty cool sort of lorry (well, not really a lorry, it could've been a pickup but it's covered at the back with air cond and carpets and cushions... so...) AND... we went to some ulu place north of Bangkok (REALLY long drive I tell you... though I slept all the way... almost... >.<) The name of the place? 'Floating Market'. ^_^ A really cool experience really... initially thought it was just a market by the river or something (wasn't really that exciting... ) But it's different... There's actually stalls by the river itself... and to get to them, well, you have to get a boat yourself... ^_^

You actually get in a boat, and the guy paddles you up/down stream... and you stop if you wanna buy something. ALSO, there are people selling stuff in boats... so you just pull alongside and buy whatever you want... it's a tourist attraction so things can get expensive... also, there's lots of souveniers which are pretty exciting but come to think of it, not much point buying... ^_^ And unless people ask, there will be NO souveniers from me... ^_^

Things start to get really cramp around 10 am... you literally get traffic jams in the river itself... >.< and everything closes around 11 am so I heard since it's so hot that noone wants to go there and the locals just close shop... we had noodles, lychee, dried mangos, pomeloes... there was some stuff I really liked but I dunno what you call it... looks like 'chee cheong fun' but it's filled with some sweet stuff and you eat it with some leaves (don't ask me wat kind... >.< i'm a plant noob) and fried garlic... I still can't get over the taste... >.<

We left and headed to River Kwae (In case that sounds familiar, it's in history text books and there's a movie on it) Had lunch there... though it WAS costly... >.< 1280 baht which was about RM128 for 5 ppl... and we had only 4 dishes... >.< The expensive one was the prawn (long ha) which was 750 baht... that was the bulk of it actually... the place was cool though... the history of the River Kwae or The Dead River was that POWs were brought in by the Japanese during WW2 (yes, American, British even some from Malaya) to build the bridge and it was terrible in the sense that the workers were treated very badly... most dieing due to malnutrition, malaria and other diseases. <_< I think i'll stop the history lesson here... >.<

Then another long drive over to Bangkok as we watched people celebrating the new year (Water festival) The youths basically waste a lot of water splashing whoever and whenever they can... I'm sure Singapore would be in fits if they ever had a festival like this... >.<

And then we began a long journey home... and we had barbecue for dinner... in Pattaya itself... kinda cheap... 79 baht for buffet... o.O that's like a RM7.90 buffet... I'm stuffed... >.< And I arrived home at 8 pm local time... took a bathe and now im writing everything down... phew

Was my day fun? Well, a new experience definitely... but unless you go with a local which we did... it's not worth it... the prices skyrocket for foreigners and tourists... >.<

Bleh... I actually wrote so much... think i'm back into blogging... if ANYONE ever reads... >.<

Till next time! (Not tom I think cos dad's working tom... ) ^_^

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Wednesday, April 14, 2004


Finally I'm writing in my blog again... <_< not like there are a lot of people who check it... >.<

Rundown? I quit my job, am currently in Pattaya, Thailand with my parents, 'enjoying' the heat... (if you thought Malaysia was hot, believe me, it's worse...) Good thing is it's New Year here, meaning my parents are off and i can actually get to go visiting... ^_^

Results came out and frankly it was pretty disappointing... but hey, God will provide... ^_^

Applied to both NUS/NTU + Scholarship... Still in processing... so... *shrug*

But I do trust God that I'll get in... ^_^

Easter was OK... I didn't exactly see our own production, but I caught calvary church's... it was pretty good actually...

Before I came to Pattaya, I went visiting in Ipoh/Sitiawan... It was nice meeting some people... though a bit short

Also, I'm really into RO now... but it's really time consuming to level a Full Support Acolyte (Bear with me if you don't get what that is... >.<) I guess it's good in a way... ^_^ I just like support characters... ^_^

Ok, I'm gonna sleep... too long online == $$$ spent... T_T that's the bad thing about dialup... but I guess I can afford it somewhat... ^_^

Till next time!

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