Thursday, April 22, 2004

I am so PEEVED!

The University I applied to really did a great job I tell you...

I'll quote from the emails they sent me

Email 1 dated 21st April 2004:
"Congratulations on achieving outstanding academic excellence to be offered early admissions to ***.

We would like to confirm our offer of the XXX Scholarship to you for studies in one of the two *** undergraduate courses offered to you. We will send you the offer letter in 2 weeks time, after you have confirmed the course you wish to accept at *** by 22 April 2004.

We look forward to having you to be part of ***.

Regards, (Name ommited)"

Email 2 dated 22nd April 2004:
"kindly note that you are shortlisted for interview for the XXX Scholarship. The interview will probably be in May/June 2004.

I apologise for the wrongly worded email forwarded to you, and look forward to seeing you at ***."

Talk about good service... >.<

So basically, I HAVEN'T got the scholarship... yet anyway... >.<

But, by God's grace I can still get it after the interview... guess I just have to go by faith!

Still, it does dampen the mood...

Not in a mood to blog now... so...

Oh and on another note, blogger lost my post 2ce... meaning I had to rewrite this post 3 times! -___-"

Mebbe it was my connection... *shrug*

*PS: Edited the post to protect the UNI... suppose it's only right...

Posted by Gerald at 4/22/2004 11:52:00 PM