Post Wedding

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

So how has life been since the wedding? In a way, things haven't changed all that much, but things aren't exactly the same.

You see, when people get married, they leave their parents and are joined together and they become "one flesh". This basically means they are no longer two individuals, but are now considered a single entity. This has significant implications. For starters, they should now trust each other implicitly, which means that there is nothing between them that should be kept hidden. In essence, if something is known by one spouse, it should be a given that the other should also know it.

My sister is no longer just my sister. She's now married, and I can no longer consider her as separated from my brother in law. If I share one thing with her, it should be expected that he would know as well. While I know that he's a really great guy, I'm really not sure if I'm ready to bare everything to both him and her when I need someone to talk to. Besides, she should be going about his business now, not worry so much about what happens at the home she has now 'left'. No I'm not implying that she should forget all about the family, but inevitably, she has greater priorities now, and therefore, she ought to see to those priorities first.

I'm very happy for the both of them, and I do wish them all the best. I love the both of them, but I cannot draw as close to them now as I have previously with my sister. It is not because they cannot be trusted, but rather I feel that now, there are some things which can no longer be shared.

There are other implications, but I guess I haven't really thought about it yet. I don't think it's a bad or good thing, it's just a change which must be accepted.

The wedding itself was great, and I'm very happy for them. Perhaps I'll post up a bit more details on what happened another time...

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Posted by Gerald at 7/11/2007 02:11:00 AM