Monday, October 11, 2004

Concert is over! Personally think it was a GREAT one. I definitely felt that everyone, and I mean EVERYONE put in their best and the result was good. Everyone was happy and I'm proud to say that even I am, albeit tired. I can't wait to get my hands on the CD. Poppy, I'll definitely miss you!

My mother came down for the show. I didn't have a lot of time to spend with her while she was down though; there were practices and I had to be there to prepare for the actual performance. Nontheless, I spent the whold of Sunday with her. I really do appreciate her.

Back to work. I have a lab today due Sunday. Serpentine (or rather snake to those Nokia™ users). Hopefully it isn't too taxing. Also, I have a CS1231X test this Saturday. Additionally, recording for Poppy Soundtrack starts this week, Band meeting this Thursday (I can't find my book with my notes! Need it for meeting!), Concert debrief tonight, Mid Autumn Festivel tomorrow night, PLUS all my tutorials... And I thought I could get at least a week's rest. >.<

First things first, I should get my tutorials done. Hoping to get Quy to teach me CS1231X this week. I'll search for my book tonight at debrief. Hopefully band matters can be settled by Thursday. God give me strength!

The comments on this post I'd like to reserve for concert. Feedback or anything about Poppy can be placed here. To all who watched the show, I hope you liked it as much as we did putting it up for you. Cheers!

Posted by Gerald at 10/11/2004 01:09:00 PM