Friday, October 29, 2004

Ok, as all of you can see, I've added a brand new banner into the site. I don't really see any fault in trying, and I don't really expect to earn like a lot of money. But if you guys can find the time to support me by all means please do, after all, a click isn't that difficult a thing to do...

Dance tech class yesterday was tough. I've never had my whole body been so worked up before, not even in AJ PE... The conditioning was really tough for me considering I seriously lacked exercise... but it's a good thing I guess, since now I can actually do something physical. I'll try to keep up with the routine, it has some good rewards in the end.

What else? Ah, I'll be coming back to Malaysia for a few days, probably the 4th till the 8th Dec. I'll be flying to Melbourne on the 8th, meaning I won't be spending all that much time in Malaysia. I'll head back to Malaysia on the 19th, and come back down to Singapore probably on the 23rd. For the first time I will spend Christmas in Singapore, it's supposed to be REALLY interesting. I think I'll find out for myself.

Ok, I don't really have all that much to update now. Muscles are still acheing... maybe I should lie down a bit... I still plan on going to the gym tomorrow...

Oh yea, and DO support me... ^^ *Points up*

Posted by Gerald at 10/29/2004 03:23:00 PM