Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Another day... with another test... *sigh*

Past few days I've been studying a lot... so much that I surprise even myself. I covered quite a lot I think, but I just pray that I remember and can recall all that I've read.

I think I really like Blogger(TM). They have a good integrated marketing strategy with Google(TM). I just signed up for Google Ad-Sense. It's an advertising program which COULD generate revenue if people actually visit my site and check out their ads or use the search box. I'm looking for support from everyone here since I realise a lot more people than the measely 3-4 I expected actually visit my blog. But I also realise they don't do it that often. So I now encourage all of you to do it. It might help me generate some income. ^_^

Life is pretty much on the uphill. Studying is the word to describe the scene in hall and uni now. With exams looming, it's no wonder everyone is preparing for that. I guess all of us need to catch up on work.

Last night was Legacies, a formal dinner for Alumnis. As quoted from Master, "The Hall's most informal formal dinner." The alumnis came down and we all sort of had some chats with them. And PRAISE THE LORD, His favour must have been upon me that night. As band MM, the current state of equipment leaves much to be desired. I put this forth to Justice Tan and viola, the alumni agreed to financiall support an overhaul. I'm looking at four brand new guitars, a new amp, and drum skins. Total cost about S$3400!!! Talk about walking in God's favour. ^_^

Ok, I shoudln't write quite so much now... got an exam in 3 hours... >.<

Oh, on a side note, we finally managed to finished WINTERMAUL! *phew* ^_^

That's all for now. I think I'll head back to Malaysia for 2-3 days before I go off to Australia. Till next post!

Posted by Gerald at 10/27/2004 11:15:00 AM