Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Things have a funny way of happening. So far cast has been really interesting and the occasional stressful periods help add some challenges of the task. But now I have yet another task at hand. I'm 'officially' (needs to be authenticated I believe) the hall band mm. What that means is basically I take care of the band... o.O It's a relatively tall order, but a manageable one I believe. The biggest thing I had in mind was commitement level. However, having a nice talk with the previous band mm, it doesn't seem all THAT difficult and taxing. At the very least, my Friday nights are still free for cell as are my Sundays.

With regards to my previous post, I finally changed the photo. Thank goodness. To those who didn't see the old one... don't worry, you didn't miss much. Still have to work a bit for concert.

I'm trying not to be too 'bridge prone'. It's definitely not at the 'addicted' level. But better not let it get to there before I do something about it. But it IS rather fun and I'm having a relatively slack semester.

Life is quite good. Minus all the 'minor' upsets and letdowns... I certainly wonder why so many people are starting blogs... my sister for one... but that's good. Ok, need to settle stuff. Till next post!

Posted by Gerald at 9/07/2004 05:57:00 PM