Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Gah... LONG day... Had classes, followed by interview session. It was pretty interesting although I must say that there certainly is a lack of talent. Not saying that everyone who auditioned was bad, but I was certainly hoping for a better level of musical talent. But it turned out OK I guess...

The more pressing matter is the band equipment. They're in pretty bad condition, with all four of the guitars non-functional, I think we're in need of a serious equipment overhaul. There is however, a budget constrain so I guess I'll have to make do with fixing the available amp and two of the guitars. Too bad the Stratocaster™ is probably unsalvagable, or at least it isn't worth the cost. Thank goodness there're people around to help me. Many thanks to Yuhui, EngKiat, James, Boon Yong and all those who helped me out today (sorry if I left out your name... >.<) Hope that you guys will continue to support me. Proposal is due in a week to 2 weeks time.

The next thing is concert. I really feel that I'm below expectation, which is bad... I can't even say my lines without it sounding funny or unnatural. *sigh* I wish I could act better. My pronunciation also leaves much to be desired, but I'll work on it as much as I can. God help me!

I don't really have much left to say. I think it's good when people do think positively about things. I certainly hope I can too, and that I can help others to think the same way. Signing off!

Posted by Gerald at 9/15/2004 01:22:00 AM