Monday, May 17, 2004

Finally another post... ^_^

Frankly, I've been pretty preoccupied with RO... At least it occupies my time...

Of course, I do prioritise time for other more important activities... ^_^

Anyway, as this blog will constantly be boring unless I make it more interesting, I will try to pen my comments on an issue... any issue... ^_^ It's just my thoughts... so go easy on me ok?

I believe college students in Malaysia think themselves as very mature, but in truth most are found wanting when it's crunch time. ^_^ I do not exempt myself from this belief as I too have caught myself more than once being downright childish. In many cases, we consider ourselves better than everyone else.

I think one of the most prominent examples would be that the idea of 'fun' has been lost. 'Fun' things are considered beneath us unless there is the adult elemant involved. A fine illustration would be that parties for college students are rarely considered exciting for them. Most of the time, as long as there is a programme, it is rigid and therefore, restrictive. Hence most would find it boring. Fun parties are therefore merely a gathering where people meet and socialise, some music, possibly with alcoholic drinks involved, and little else. Certainly, childish parties involving clowns and dressups should be considered things of the past. However, I do not see the reason for having reservations about a programme. After all, planned activities need not boring. We seem to slip into a mindset where 'adult parties', which are all talk and little else, are considered suitable for us. I am not propogating that we all stay as 'teenagers' and fail to grow up. There is a time and place to 'enjoy' such adult parties, but we do not need to rush it. The truth is, I believe most of us wouldn't mind indulging in sometimes childish activities. It is only because of expectations; the believe that I am grown up and hence am expected not to enjoy certain activities, that we frown upon 'fun'. Ask any organiser of a party for youths and they will tell you that no matter how hard they crack their brains, they still largely fail to come up with something 'fun'. I do not perceive it as the fault of the organiser... rather the youths themselves already have a negative mindset that ANYTHING planned besides food and drink, will be boring. So, the conclusion? Keep an open mind and accept that it is alright to be childish when it comes to fun. After all, even adults relish childish behaviours when they have fun.

There. I'm too lazy to double check it for typos etc. (Yea, that's a childish trait... but hey, this isn't a thesis) I'll continue with this train of thought another time.

Posted by Gerald at 5/17/2004 06:40:00 PM