Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Wow, I had a pretty interesting day yesterday...

Jamie came down and is staying with Ben, so they called me up at 1.30 am (i was already asleep... >.<) and we made plans for yesterday. I picked them up at 9.30, sent Ben to IMU (he had classes), Went to Tat's house to spend some time before lunch. It was rather interesting since both Tat and Jamie went MVPing... (RO terms... ignore if you do not know)

Then we went for a drink... but no lunch yet... so me and Jamie went to pick Eugene for lunch. We met Ben at the InC@fe and had lunch there... I took the Shepards pie... (wonder if the name has another meaning... ^_^)

Post lunch, went up for leadership class (well, we were sort of just sitting in while waiting for Ben... ^_^) We got wind of Yee Lyn catching Shrek 2 later, so we all went to join her, even though both me and Jamie have already seen it... it's THAT awesome... ^_^

Went to Pyramid, ate A&W for dinner, watched the super cool movie, came out and we didn't go home yet... ^_^ After Raymond left and we sent Yee Lyn back, we picked LOW Jia En up for supper... Again, I took them to SS15 to meet my other friends, Tat, Chew and Jermaine... ^_^ Post mamak I sent everyone home and myself too... time 11.30 pm. Wonderful day indeed... ^_^

OK... now that THAT's over... on to my long writings... ^_^ I'm tempted to write about my views on Dan Brown's Da Vinci's Code and it's prequel, Angels & Demons, but it's a bit theological and it IS fiction, though it might cause some 'learned' people to have serious reservations about the gospel... Why do I feel Dan Brown's an atheist?

On to my writings. Today's topic is 'Are we ready for a steady relationship?' (Gee, sounds like a sermon... ^_^) I'm guessing everyone between 14 and 20 will be shouting YES! Of couse we are. We can handle it. I love her and she loves me and that's ALL there is to it... isn't it? Maybe, but most 'mature' teens tend to overlook many other aspects of a steady relationship. How do I know? I've been there, many times... >.< Not that I've had a steady relationship, I see now that I probably DIDN'T ever have one because God chose not to give me one... yet... But even then, when I DID look for one, I realise I tended to think of how it would benefit me, how I'd feel so much more secure with her, how I could just be so happy etc. Thank goodness for me I had good teachers. ^_^

I'm being brutally honest. Now that I think about it, most of my past 'loves' were actually infatuations. I don't think that I'm the exception here. I believe most whithin the specified ages actually encounter the same thing, if they can be honest enough to admit it. Almost all (I said ALMOST) relationships in Secondary school don't last past college. Why? First obvious reason is distance. Once we hit college followed by Uni, one if not both parties will choose to study at some institution far from home. The result? Most of the time, both parties will be seperated for a span of say weeks at the least. The occasional few relationships actually survive this distance, but a surprising majority fail, no matter how close they were before the seperation. Those that fail I believe are due to the fact that since it's infatuation, it's not GIVING without expecting returns... thus, when the other party's absent, it gets difficult to obtain whatever it is that sustained the relationship be it security, sense of being needed or otherwise. As such, in all likelihood, long distance can easily destroy a relationship that is NOT based on TRUE LOVE.

Of course, not ALL relationships fail even if they were long distance. Although rare, some people are actually REALLY mature enough for a relationship. This obviously depends on the individual. One such person I can think of is my own sister. Seperated from her boyfriend for the past 3 years, they're still together. I look up to them because of that. Oh, did I mention that they're BOTH past 21 years of age? Not that age is the ultimate factor, but with age comes maturity although not necessarily enough to pursue a relationship. So when are we mature enough? The truth is, I myself don't know... (How's that for being cryptic? ^_^) I sincerely believe I can only trust in God that He will reveal the proper time to me and the right person at the same time. I can't say for sure WHEN someone is mature enough, but I do know that if one IS, one wouldn't be worried about whether or not one HAS a relationship. ^_^

To end, do write your comments on this... haha... Even if you wanna bang me I guess I can't stop you. ^_^ But try to be nice, ok? ^_~

Posted by Gerald at 5/25/2004 10:00:00 AM