Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Sorry for long absence of posts. I haven't really encountered anything so far worth blogging about, yet anyway.

Yesterday was, I suppose, an exception. I went to KL, more specifically, Timesquare and Sungai Wang Plaza. Initially, the plan was to play, play and well, play. But somehow we decided against it and went shopping instead. (Can those who know me well imagine me, shopping?) Anyway, I went hunting for PS2 prices (roughly RM580) and Xbox prices (about RM720) I suppose I'm interested in getting a console, but none of them seem to have the same kind of pull to entice me into buying them. The DVD capabilities do have a certain attraction, but that's hardly substantial.

So, me, Sky, Yee Lyn, Lydia, Irene (pronounced IRONY, much to mine) and Kelly (1) were there. We skipped the roller coaster since it costs RM25 per entry per person and we didn't really want to pay that ammount just to ride it. Instead, we spent our time eating. The Teppanyaki restaurant was barely adequate IMHO. We stopped to get pretzels, famous amos cookies, maltose (solid maltose which only Yee Lyn ate I think) and drinks all while shopping in Sungai Wang. The place didn't hold the same kind of thrill I use to have the first time I went there. Probably 'cause I was younger then.

As for dinner was a simple noodles with dumpling combination which tasted pretty good actually.

The one eye opener was that some of us really think alike. I was just surprised to see that Sky would sometimes say the exact thing I was about to say. The most prominent issue was about La La Girls. I suppose I'll give a short comment on this 'phenomenon'.

To MY understanding, a La La Mui (henceforth referred to as LLM) is one who dresses and presents herself in public in such a way that she screams for attention, usually the not so righteous kind. Generally, they imitate fashion from Japan/Korea/HongKong. I suppose there really isn't anything wrong with the fashion, but many people question the need to dress in that manner. The public generally view girls who dress as such as 'loose' and in a manner of speaking, this 'degrades' them. Such views, while may not be entirely right, is what society sees and expects of people. It could be that such dressing is an outright sign of rebellion, but there's also evidence of it being peer pressure. I wouldn't be surprised if these people actually know that they are being frowned upon; they just couldn't care less.

I do also question the right to judge LLMs based on their dressing. It may be wrong to make conclusions about their character based on their dressing. However, first impressions DO count because society is not perfect. The general view of the public is not unimportant or useless. It forms the ideals and thinking of society, and although it may not be entirely right, rebelling against it will only make it difficult for society as a whole to accept an LLM.

Posted by Gerald at 6/02/2004 02:07:00 PM