Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Long time since my last post. Weekend was pretty awesome. I had to wake up early on Friday morning for practice. I'm backup singing for the Wesley Methodist CF camp. (Which reminds me, I need to memorise lyrics) Practice was quite good. I learned a couple of new songs, so I guess I have to work on them. I also availed myself to help out in the workshop. But lo and behold, now i'm facilitating it (close to conducting it I think) Luckily I have the material for it so it shouldn't be too big a problem. I do have to edit/cut&paste around though. Cell on Friday was interesting. Having combined worship/ice breaker was good. Word was led by Soon Chen instead of Grace, but it was still good. The iron sharpens iron talk was pretty informative. Plus, we had Adrian (he's working...) who gave us an adult's view. Interesting to note that he's also a new christian, but he's more mature then some other long term christians i've seen. It's amazing how far God can take a person with a willing heart.

Yea anyway, after practice I went to IMU to meet up with Sook Meng, Hee Siong and some 'other' people. Only problem was that on arrival, there were no 'other' people. Furthermore, Hee Siong had to lunch with his mum. So I ended up lunching with Sook Meng at Sri Petaling. Chicken rice was pretty much it.

Saturday I had a basketball match. It was pretty intense and was fun too. I don't really know how well I played though, so I won't comment there. Went to church that night as usual, and Ps Daniel really preached his heart out. I guess he really had a burden for the church and it all came out that weekend.

Well, Sunday was occupying. I guess it was better than rotting at home. But going to One Utama and spending a day there with people you hardly know does have it's downsides. It was fun near the end where we played Cranium (even though we lost *humph*) Cranium IS a fun game. My only gripe I suppose is that they should have a Malaysian version or something. Too many USA type questions.

Monday morning marked the start of 14 day fast and prayer. Waking up at 420 every morning is no joke. But it's fulfilling. Unfortunately, unlike everyone else, I have nothing to do in the morning after prayer, so I hit the bed again. It kind of ruins the mood. Did some banking too on Monday. Transferred some money over to my uncle. I broke fast at night with Tat and Chew. Ate quite a bit actually. Thankfully I didn't stuff myself TOO much.

And this morning was pretty much the same as Monday except there was extra luggage in the boot and chocolates as well. Oh, I picked Annabelle to and from prayer too. Lydia went off to the airport at around 7 so it's bye bye Lydia and have fun in the US!

Now I'm home, bored out of my wits, and wondering what to do next. Maybe a book will take me through the rest of today. Cheers.

Posted by Gerald at 6/15/2004 01:46:00 PM