Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Extremely long weekend but thoroughly enjoyable.

The first highlight was obviously camp. It was excellant! Firstly, I woke up at 430 for morning prayer on Friday night (as usual). After the usual morning prayer, I came home and packed for camp. (Couple of minutes and I was done) I checked with Sky and he said he'd pick me around 1.

So at about 120, his mum came by and picked me to his place. He just got back from college. We headed to church from there. On arrival, there were quite a number of people already there waiting for the bus. It had yet to arrive though, so we occupied ourselves chatting aimlessly. Kevin was a little frustrated because the bus was late. But in the end we boarded pretty OK. I fell asleep in the bus because it rained cats and dogs; It was so cool.

On arrival, we came to Sufes Tapah, a damp little site with lots of grass, trees and little else. There were a couple of buildings littered here and there. Anyway, we unloaded and then I went to register for camp. The one thing that struck me the most about a campus youth camp (my first) was that things were a lot less rigid. I suppose with age, there should be maturity. At least that is expected.

We went to check out our tents. Unfortunately, they were soaked through due to the rain. Luckily it had already stopped and we all tried to dry it as best we could. Then we had ice breaker; Treasure Hunt so to speak. We won, so I'm not complaining. Dinner, which we had to clean up ourselves after (it was fun) and arrival of the next bunch of people. Nothing much for the first day. 2nd day was more interesting. Session 1 followed by lunch and then stream trotting. That was the highlight of the camp, I suppose. Went climbing upstream. It was in our groups, and in a row. The guys were supposed to help the girls, but woe to me, I was the only one who failed in that task. My 'helpee' almost sprained her ankle due to my inadequate guidance. She ended up hobbling all the way holding up the line. So to Annabelle Yeoh, my sincerest apologies, and to everyone else too, it was me who caused the crawl, not her. So we reached the waterfall which was amazing. We slid down it and stuff. Too bad the stay was a little short IMHO.

Heading back, we had a bathe, makan, and then session. Ps Palan squeezed 2 sessions into one. I was surprised at myself that I wasn't a least bit sleepy. Then at the end, we had an all nite session of Mafia, Story telling and Murderer. Thank goodness Joshua Ting was around to ease the boredom. That is one excellant dude to hang out with. We were up till sunrise, and the final session. Then we all packed etc and went home. Most wonderful camp!

Post camp, I was drained, but surprisingly the most I could manage was 11 hours of sleep. I couldn't sleep anymore after that. Monday was interesting. I talked to Ying Yi over dinner about an idea I had, and I certainly hope it comes to pass. I did what I could (which was why I was busy the past few days) and here's the result.


So that's all I have to say. I'm going to Saisaki later. Wish me luck!

Posted by Gerald at 6/30/2004 09:53:00 AM