Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Had some banking to do yesterday. So went to Maybank and transferred some money to my uncle. It was pretty quick surprisingly.

Nothing really much happened. Most (if not all) important stuff have been done. I think this is gonna be a short note.

Just to give a few people greetings today.

Happy Birthday mum! I love you lots and here's my shout-out to you!

Happy Birthday Jaclynn! Enjoy your holidays!

Happy Birthday YingYi! If you ever read my blog anyway...

My sister is having exams now and is pretty stressed out. I pray and I pray and I pray she'll be fine. All the best in you exams sis!

To everyone else with exams, study hard but don't stress yourselves.

And to those who've finished exams and are in subang/kl area, pls pls pls call me if you have nothing to do. I'm getting bored!

Hah. No, I won't be writing a long script today. No mood and nothing particularly interesting in my mind right now. Maybe next time!

Posted by Gerald at 6/08/2004 11:34:00 AM