Tuesday, November 30, 2004


My sore throat got worse. Now I have a minor case of tonsillitis. I got a fever too, although it's a very mild one. The irritating thing is it's swollen to the point that it's too painful to eat anything. So i've been reduced to eating cereal... Hopefully it'll subside by tomorrow. Yesterday was torture... I don't have to operate because it's not restricting my breathing, but it's irritating all the same. It hurts every time I swallow. >.<

I've got to pack all of my stuff soon too. I should start today, but it's not easy when I'm not well. I wished I could just leave everything here. Maybe I should've booked for the whole holidays. Either way, I'm quite glad my roomie isn't moving. I'll just shift my stuff over to his side... And come back and re-occupy my area.

OK... I should stop ranting.

Posted by Gerald at 11/30/2004 01:45:00 PM