Monday, January 03, 2005

It's been a while...

I'm back from my holidays, back from Melbourne, back from Malaysia and now in Singapore waiting for my new term. Last term wasn't so bad... but it wasn't the best either. My CAP was average... which isn't what I expected. I just have to do better this semester.

Sermon today was excellant. Once again it was goal setting... SMARTER! I've yet to fully complete my goal setting card though... I'll pin it up so that I don't forget it once I'm done. I hope to start the year right, so I'm gonna really go for all my goals! A better CAP would be one of them.

I also had a great time of fellowship with Jamie, Elvis and Lilian today. We just sat at lunch and talked and talked... It's probably going to be a regular thing, so that's more time I have to set aside. But it was good. PTL!

The match between Myanmar and Singapore which I just came back from watching was very dramatic to say the least. Singapore had a goal lead due to their previous match, but Myanmar came blasting in the first half to score the first goal. In the beginning of the second half, Myanmar scored again to put them in the lead. However, one of the Myanmar players were sent off due to severe tackling and they were down to ten men. Singapore took the advantage and scored once. Nearing the final whistle, Singapore was awarded a Penalty due to another severe tackling. The Myanmar team had a 'debate' with the referee which resulted in 2 more Myanmarese being sent off leaving them with only eight men. However, Singapore failed to capitalise on the Penalty and squandered it off the post. The game then went to extra time and Singapore pulled of 3 more goals to make it 4-2.

There was a lot of outbursts from the Myanmar side after the Penalty was awarded. The team lost it's cool and were clearly unhappy about the game. In fact, one of the benchers (dunno whether it was the coach/manager/sub player) threw a water bottle at one of the Singaporean players. The spectators weren't taking it quietly either. There were a few outbursts which resulted in police intervention. For a second I almost expected a riot to errupt. Thank goodness it didn't.

The experience was definitely eye opening. How's that for a first football match?

On another note, the tragedy which hit Asia recently was a big shock to me. I was in the air when it happened. I landed and arrived in Singapore and then Jamie PMed me about it complaining that he never reads the news. I didn't really understood what he meant, until I talked to some other people in hall. I had to find out for myself since even Penang was hit, so I checked The Star Online... I guess it was worse than I thought. The people who are affected by this horrible tragedy have my condolences and utmost sympathy. God please help the victims that they may live through this tragedy and praise you for coming out of it alive...

This is me, signing off!

Posted by Gerald at 1/03/2005 01:40:00 AM