Friday, October 07, 2005

Concert is coming up very soon. Everyone's busy polishing last minute details. Comm hall runs started off on a down, but it picked up yesterday when everyone started working together cohesively. Energy was up and Li Ling gave us a very clear picture of what it means to have high energy. It was really important that everyone in cast really put in their 100% and the results are starting to show. It's not too late guys, so don't worry too much... you're getting there, so keep at it for another week. That's all you people have... and then you'd wish it wasn't over... Trust me.

The hall server has been doing pretty well lately. Forums have toned down a little, but there are a lot of lurkers around. Also, We managed finally to implement a little feature called php on our site, which will make updating a whole lot easier. I'm just waiting for some JCRC (Rubba probably) to come online so I can give him the details. Hopefully then the whining in the forums about 'lack of updates' will cease somewhat. Not that I don't appreciate the feedback, but if all people can post is 'WHY NOT UPDATES ONE???!!!1111' and don't tell me what you mean by updates I frankly couldn't care less. Yes, the hall main page is important, and updates are important, but I have no direct way of obtaining information on ALL the upcoming events. So please, if you guys want an update on the main page about an event, tell me WHAT INFORMATION YOU WANT ON THE MAIN PAGE. Maybe then I can help you guys out.

Studies are OK I guess, lagging a little bit, but I'm trying to catch up again (Tutorials) in the midst of concert. Test results were satisfactory so far. Believing God for the rest.

Today is Cell Group day! YAY! It's been a 'low' week, a lot of people feeling the stress and pressure of concert. I thank God I was given the opportunity to be an encouragement to some of them. I'm looking forward to getting refreshed later, so thank you God!

Gundam Seed Destiny ended it's run I think at episode 50. The ending was fine I guess, but it feels rushed... so unless I'm mistaken and there's at least one more episode to wrap things up, I'm a little disappointed.

... I was approached by someone asking if I was interested in doing modelling. o.O The ironic thing is that it's concert period and our production is about modelling. I don't understand exactly why they decided to approach me... I don't think I look like I can model anything... maybe if I worked out more... but I don't. *oops* I told them no, but they insisted on my number. Delusions of grandeur maybe, but I acquiesced. I got a call and I told them to contact me another time... I'm not particularly free these few weeks... Heard that some of these are scams asking you to pay them or something, so I'm probably going to just tell them NO. I don't think being a pretty boy to market something is something I wanna do anyway.

The number of people who visit have dwindled lately. Probably because I stopped updating more regularly. Sorry guys, but I DO have a lot of other things to do, unless you want one sentence updates... I rather save up and unload in a huge 'essay' though. Till next time...

Posted by Gerald at 10/07/2005 02:31:00 PM