Sunday, October 16, 2005

It's OVER! Concert is finally over and everyone can settle down. It was a great show really, I'm so proud of you! You guys really rose to the occassion, and I'm glad I'm glad I'm glad that I became a part of this concert!

Thank you sets, the bar was amazing! The lights were amazing! You guys did a tremendous job!

Thank you costumes! The Catwalk dresses were dazzling and so were all the rest.

Thank you tech for being super alert, reliable and on queue everytime! All those errors in earlier runs are worth it... Because you guys did a great job at the end!

Thank you SMs for also being alert and doing a great job in managing stage... It worked out really fine!

Thank you ticketing for selling so many tickets and making more and more people unable to come... It was great!

Thank you marketing for raising so much that we could do so many things (Like getting that afro) and working your butts of. My hats off to ya!

Thank you music for creating such wonderful masterpieces I can't seem to forget them. You guys did the hall proud!

Thank you publicity, for putting up with my absence and helping make wonderful material which I will cherish always...

And last but not least, thank you so much cast! To be honest, I was quite disappointed when I first came down and saw how you were progressing... I saw the daunting task of turning all of you to be stage-worthy. I really felt that you guys were at an all time low during Comm Hall week... But, we managed to pull through. You guys are amazing no matter what people say. Heck, even the Thursday full run was not up to scratch, but whithin just one day, you became performance worthy (You guys work great if there's a crowd). And Saturday was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I know and I know and I know all you guys feel the magic of concert and I really hope that you keep it with you as something you will always remember and cherish!

But all good things come to an end... Do remember to catch up on studies guys... And make sure you guys get rest... and I mean it!

Posted by Gerald at 10/16/2005 07:31:00 AM