Saturday, September 24, 2005

The utter lack of direction is what makes life extremely boring. That's what I truly believe, and somehow, I think I'm currently in that very uncertain situation. I'd like to look ahead and have plenty of things to look forward to, but nothing seems too appealing just now. There's church and cell of course, and that's exciting and interesting, but apart from that, it's been pretty routine.

Mid terms starting... I've done what I can for tomorrow's paper and I'm going to call it a night. I hope to be able to do decently in this paper since I believe I put in quite a bit of effort and I claim the good results now because I believe God will give me those results. (Positive confession really works) Writing this by faith too... So Lord, please, help!

Concert is coming up soon too. I've been helping around here and there, doing the occasional little bits here and there. It can be quite nice and the year 1s have a LOT OF POTENTIAL. I just hope they realise that, put in their effort and make it a good one. They can do a much better job than us, so I certainly hope they push for that.

And yes, I haven't updated much lately, but i'll try to again from now on. The hall server is doing ok now, so that's a relief. That also means I get more time to do everything else. I might take up more sports if I can... so that's great.

The next time I see my parents i'll be in KL. It'll be fun to go back there and stay with them instead of Thailand. Hope they're both doing fine. Praying for them and my sister too. Love you all!

Ok, time to sleep. Paper tomorrow, so I'll catch some rest. Tata!

Posted by Gerald at 9/24/2005 03:29:00 AM