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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I'm the kind of person who seldom shops, don't feel the urge to buy a lot of things, and usually only purchase things that are really needed (although I occasionally splurge). Compulsive shopping isn't a problem, neither is overspending (I seem to be underspending in fact... ) Still, there have always been things that I would like to buy for myself but either feel it's not worth it or not quite the time to get it... at least for a period of time. Just taking this opportunity to share what are the things which I'm considering to actually buy in the next few months.

1) A new handphone. I think I'm the only person around still carrying a phone WITHOUT A COLOUR SCREEN, although I quite like my current one. It's old sure, but I keep my things in good condition, and it still looks good IMHO. My trusty 8310 has not been dropped more than five times... but I'm afraid it's starting to slowly die off. I get occasional lags in the phone interface which although not fatal can get annoying. So is the periodic 'auto-shutdown' (which I suspect is because the battery is loose). The phone is worth a lot to me, because the contact of almost everyone I know is in there... it holds great sentimental value and I won't part with it even if I get a new phone... So, what phone do I have my eyes on? Frankly, there aren't any simply because I'm waiting for a few months for my contract to expire (my contract was for a 6100 which my dear sister is currently using...). I don't need a state of the art one, but I WOULD like one with bluetooth if possible... Any good recommendations?

2) THIS baby. I've been looking to get my own guitar for a while now, but due to the fact that I think it wasn't quite worth it back then, I put it on hold. Now, I have a little more reason to possibly purchase this beauty. The pricetag is a hefty SG$1080 which although is roughly the price I'd pay for a guitar, isn't a small sum to fork out. I don't even dare to convert the price because I'd probably fall out of my chair. It may seem like a luxury, which is what I keep telling myself, but in the long run, I enjoy playing the guitar and investing in one isn't that bad a decision... perhaps I'll think it over more and consult my parents for their opinions... Wouldn't want to stretch their budget.

3) This blog. What do I mean? I was thinking of buying a little corner in cyberspace for me to put up my blog... among many possible other things. It's pretty cool to actually own your own domain, much like dear mk here. It doesn't cost all that much either, but I just feel that perhaps for now it's not quite the most practical thing to do... In a year or two maybe, just not now. Why? Because I already have a little space hosted by my dear faculty allowing me to put up certain things online. Add the fact that this blog is free too, there may not be a need just yet to pay for web hosting. I was looking at Exabytes (recommended by mk), and I found their deals pretty attractive. Add the fact that they're a Malaysian based company with excellent service, I don't see why I wouldn't use them... I guess I just need to find the 'opportune moment' to get a host.

4) A decent digital camera. I don't need a fancy shmancy one, just a plain, small, simple one will do. I don't need extremely high resolutions, but it shouldn't be a 1 megapixel one or something like that. A small one is handy since unlike ladies, I don't carry a handbag to place assorted stuff like makeup and possibly a digital camera when I go out. If you're wondering why the blog is lacking in the pictorial department, it's because I don't have the means to capture the things I want to... I'd start uploading and sharing more pictures here if I had one. I'd like one whithin the SG$200 price range, or cheaper if it fits my requirements.Although it's nice to have, I may not be using it as often as I'd like to, but it's just tiresome to have only one or two people around with cameras for all our birthday celebrations or other hall activities. It'd be cool to take pictures in church too... so this is in my wishlist as well... If this gets satisfied I 'might' start cam-whoring... then again, i'm not all that photogenic...

5) A nice MG model of Strike Freedom. I know it's not out yet, but I'm drooling over the HG model already. I have the MG Freedom, and since the time I took those pictures I've done a little panel lining to it, making it look quite impressive (IMHO). I've seen the Lightning Edition and although it's nice, I still prefer the MG series... It's more authentic and isn't so blocky. I know PGs are better, but they cost way a lot more and I don't think I can afford the money or the space... 1/100 is still my choice, and although I don't even know when it's due to be out, but hey, I can look forward to it... so it's in my wishlist.

6) I was a pretty big fan of console games when I was younger... but as I grew up, I started to shun them. I think my PC makes a better companion, since it can do much much more than just play games. However, sad to say, there aren't many games coming out for the PC anymore, at least none to look forward to. My outlook on the Video Games Industry isn't particularly supportive of consoles, but I AM looking forward to the new generation of them. The XBOX 360 is out, but I'm kind of a fan of Sony, so we'll see how the PS3 will turn out. The much rumoured FFXII has been released in Japan, but since my Japanese is next to non-existant, I guess I'll have to wait for the International/North America version. Oh wait, it's on the PS2... *gasp* Guess that means no FFXII for me... Next on my wishlist, which would probably not come anyway since I'll probably wait ultra long before I consider buying anything, would be a 3rd Generation Console. Which one I have no idea... heck, I don't even know if I'm ever going to buy any.

So there you have it. My wishlist and what I want to buy... In all honesty I wouldn't be surprised if I actually got none of them. It's nice to own some of these 'luxuries', but they're not necessity, and I'm not desperate for them... At least not yet... Now, if they were given to me as a GIFT, that'd be a different story... *wink*

Posted by Gerald at 3/22/2006 07:45:00 PM