Getting a grip on life

Monday, March 20, 2006

I need to... I need to start being passionate again... I need to feel the eagerness to wake up every morning... I need to feel the rush when I know there's something I can look forward to... Getting with the motions is fine and good, but if you lack the fervency it hardly becomes anything worth doing.

Allow me this chance, to display my rant,
I may not deserve it but ignore it I can't,
What I'm going through now, I hope and I want,
To get it off my chest, though help me it shan't.

Life may or may not be like a box of chocolates,
You may never ever know just what you're going to get,
But sometimes you buy them, knowing well the going rates,
Meaning you also know, just what to expect.

What if the chocolate loses it's flavour?
What if it is neither sweet nor bitter?
Wouldn't you think it might perhaps be better,
To have the whole lot bitter altogether?

I think I'd prefer to have total bitterness,
Then I can look forward to perhaps total sweetness,
But when it's neither and totally tasteless,
Time passes by but I remain motionless.

To be lost in your world, knowing not what to do,
Is truly hard to handle, though we may play it cool,
I know life is tough, I go through it too,
Just suck it all up, or you'd be just a fool.

If one were bereaved of every last bit of hope,
Surely one would be inclined to be bitter,
But to be unsure if there exists even a little,
It hurts far worse since one can't see the future.

For you know not if, or why, or how,
You just close your eyes and remember your vow,
The lost you experience may just be for now,
But if it proves otherwise, though you cry, take a bow.

For God can restore, truly He does,
Just look to Him and trust in His love,
For what can man do except have faith in His words,
That He will guide us, while we continue to serve!

Just read a friend's MSN nickname... I think it holds true...

The opposite of love isn't hate... it's indifference...

Food for thought...

Posted by Gerald at 3/20/2006 03:36:00 AM