Monday, December 01, 2003

Last night, I had a really long talk with my sister... and basically I think I've more or less come to a conclusion on some problems i'm facing... well, 'problems' actually... >.< It wasn't easy, it still isn't... but i think in the end it's for the best... >.< Besides, it's what God wants me to do... so i guess i will... but darn it it's tough...

Anyway, i don't really have much to do now that the exams are over... in fact, i'm getting really bored lately... should get out and do some stuff, but i can't think of anything at the moment... if ur reading this, and you're bored too, give me a call... (oh, and i have to know you of course... ^_^) any suggestions would be welcome... also, i don't mind doing almost anything... as long as i don't rot in the hostel and it's a 'wholesome' activity... *cough*

Nothing much to write except prom is coming... got the suit and stuff done already though, so not much to worry about... hopefully it'll be nice... ^_^

Oh and Saturday was cool... I ate a LOT... thanks to Dean and his family... Man his mum can cook! I was so stuffed! That day was kinda funny... and in a way, hectic... I was awaken in the morning bye Elvis, (no not THAT Elvis... a friend...) who needed money to pay for a checkup at Tan Tock Seng Hospital and didn't have any... so he called me at 730 am... i rushed down and paid the bill for him, then went to his place... tried out the suit for prom. Then I had to rush back to hostel cos my cousins were coming to pick up my junk to take back home... and when i finished, it wasn't even 1200 pm... imagine the things u can do in the morning... ^_^

I think that's all I have to post now... oh yea, sermon yesterday... was about Creativity! (Don't look so blur) YUP! God is a person who is creative! And he gave us the Creativity, the Ability and the Productivity to do stuff! So one law of the harvest is this... we get MORE out of LESS! (mind boggling? not really... compare the feeding of the 5 thousand and the feeding of the 4 thousand...) So in any situation, always know that God has given us the Creativity to come up with solutions for any problem! Amen!

Ok I think that's all for now... Cheerio!

Posted by Gerald at 12/01/2003 03:09:00 PM