Saturday, December 06, 2003

Just a short note for today... I went for Prayer Meeting which was really good... then I came back to hostel... I was supposed to cut my hair but then I decided on the way there to go see a proper hairstylist instead... just once... prom is around the corner and in the end, looking nice for once isn't so bad is it? ^_^

I have to run amazing race tomorrow though... I think it's gonna be as exciting as the last one... It's really cool cos we get to do lots of stuff... ¬_¬ Trust me, some of them can be downright embarassing... but it's fun to do it I guess... (Recalls a certain need for guys to enter lingerie store...) >.< But anyway, it was fun, and tomorrow will be too! ^_^

That's it for today's update... short and sweet no? In the pursuit of excellence we always encounter various

Posted by Gerald at 12/06/2003 09:22:00 PM