Monday, February 06, 2006

Thinking is good. Questioning the many different issues which we are faced with, whether personally or otherwise, is, I suppose, the basis for most philosphers. I don't think of myself as one, but I do realise I do a great deal of thinking... about God, about life, about politics (yes, even *cough*politics*cough*), about studies, about global issues, about friends, about anything and everything. It's an in-built part of me that just strives to ask and keep asking, even when I know I won't get any answers. It's tiring... and it doesn't help.

I realised that thinking is very draining. It takes a lot of time and effort to focus on one subject and to think about it. I know I'm the type of person who can't stand to be bored, but lately, I haven't had much of that feeling (well, at least not literally bored, just maybe a little agitated at the way things are going). Long journeys used to be a real bore, but now, I relish them because I make full use of them, either catching up on rest or contemplating issues which keep my mind occupied. Granted it doesn't always bear fruit, but I just seem to do it a lot... and when I bring it back to myself, how it affects me, what steps do I take now, based on that 'contemplation', I always feel a surge of hope, of enthusiasm. Not a lot, but still there. This is especially true if I end up praying about it.

Thinkers will remain thinkers taking a back seat unless the fruit of the effort and time spent thinking is applied in life. That's what I think. It doesn't matter how profound or deep you can be, if you don't live it out, it means nothing. It doesn't matter how 'right' you may be, you need to put it into action, and I will strive to do just that.

The internet has been lousy lately. Somehow the router doesn't seem to like me. I've been having on/off connections for the past week. I'd really like my room back now thank you. At least I can leave my computer on with the knowledge that at the very least, my antivirus will update itself every morning (and maybe complete a few torrents for me). NUS isn't making it any easier, with so many irritating rules associated with security.

Tired, drained and still have work to do. Lord, please, more discipline and more strength!

Posted by Gerald at 2/06/2006 04:12:00 PM