Latter Rain

Saturday, February 25, 2006

It was fantabulously excitatic! I don't regret travelling all the way to Expo today for Pastor Ulf's conference and barely making it for the last train back... It was worth it.

Yes, I wasn't feeling too up lately, but God really spoke to me today. I'm glad I went, and I guess I needed that word. God really knows how to give a word in season.

First things first. Sorry... I don't know how else to say this... I've probably been more of an irritant than a blessing, and for that I sincerely apologise... I was foolish to think I could 'bless' without doing what God wanted, and in that aspect I probably made things even more difficult. I have my own convictions, but I guess it had to be kept in check... So I just ask for your mercy and forgiveness... and I sincerely do hope (even though I've probably gone about it the wrong way before) that things can get better between us...

That aside, I'm taking a step back and pushing for a new goal... Pastor Ulf's sermon was so prophetic... Everything has a time and a season, and we have to flow with God's timing. It won't do to fight against the seasons, because like it or not, it comes and goes when it pleases, not when YOU want it to. Success comes when we can flow WITH the seasons... and God really asked me to focus on Him, so I will! I decide that from TODAY, I will be cheerful and focus on Him, and not on all the things that have happened. God will grant me strength and the breakthroughs in all other areas. Matt 6:33 comes to mind...

So what does this have to do with 'Latter Rain'? Well, in all areas of life, when we go through the different times and seasons, I pray that God makes me a man of all seasons. But of course, the part which we look forward to is the harvest time, which is the Latter Rain... However, we have to be at the right place, doing the right things, with the right people, at the right time! That means sowing when it's the time to sow, and waiting when we ought to be waiting, and reaping when it's harvest time! Don't try to sow during the harvest, or wait during the sowing time... that's just foolishness!

The Holy Spirit will guide us through, and if we walk close enough to Him we can tell when the seasons are coming... God grant me the wisdom and help me to walk closer to You, that I may do that which is pleasing to You, when You want me to, the way You want me to!

Posted by Gerald at 2/25/2006 02:14:00 AM