Five weird habits about myself

Monday, February 13, 2006

I got tagged... by this infrequent blogger no less...

MY version: (I like them compartmentalised and organised and easy-to-read looking. so sue me.)
1. the first player of this game starts with the topic "five weird habits of yourself."
2. the tagged needs to write an entry about their five weird habits and state these rules and regs clearly - preferably compartmentalised, like mine, for easier reading. (hey, i like things neat, okay? errr, no, don't come into my room)
3. then choose any number of people to be tagged and link to their web journals.
4. since it's a free country, you can choose whether or not to leave a comment in their web journals about this survey. if you don't, then just hope they happen to pass by your blog to know that they have been tagged. :)
5. enjoy knowing that you're not the only one with weird habits. ;D

I'm too lazy to rewrite the whole list...

Jumping right in:

1) I have to wipe my eyes everytime they get hit by water before I can open them. Meaning if anyone splashes water at me I find it almost impossible to open my eyes after unless I first wipe my face/eyes. I like the feeling when pressure is applied to my eyes, and it somehow gives me the confidence to open them. Weird...

2) Extending point 1, if I feel like sneezing (which I do quite often because I have a sinus problems) I just need to rub my eyes to stop from sneezing. I do it a lot when the nose acts up, and end up having swollen and puffy eyes.

3) I can't sit cross-legged for long. My legs seem to get uncomfortable after a while, so I constantly have to stretch them to relieve the pain. It might be attributed to the fact that I sprained both ankles before, and thus they aren't as pliable as I'd like them to be... so if you wonder why I keep fidgeting when I'm sitting on the floor, it's because it hurts!

4) I save my favourite parts for last. This is most apparent when eating, because I like to keep the parts I like best (chicken skin for example) till the end and eat them only after I've finished with everything else.

5) I collect and keep paraphernalia which are meaningful to me, but regrettably, most of the time end up throwing them away after keeping them for far too long. Given a choice, I'd absolutely love to keep everything, but moving around so much (I've shifted house about 4 times minus the moving around of stuff while staying in hostel/hall) that it becomes too troublesome not to throw away some of the items. I like to look at them once in a while and reminisce, and quite often it's a not so happy memory...

There. Now that I've listed this down, time to pass the baton on!
1) CK
2) SIM
3) Lydia

I could add more, but then these poor people will run out of people to tag. Considerate of me no?

V-day is coming... if only...

Posted by Gerald at 2/13/2006 12:06:00 AM