Saturday, November 05, 2005

I'm truly blessed! I cannot remember the last time I was this happy.

So I was in my room at 11.50, guessing that something was going to come up since they have a tendency to do it around that time. I just didn't know what exactly to expect, half expecting a phone call or something to go to comm hall, maybe... but NOOOOO... they just HAD to troupe every single person to 3A-406.5. So there I was, on my bed, and then out pops one head, then two, then another and another and finally there were so many that it's a wonder noone fainted. Then they started singing as Elaine brought the cake in. Made my wish (secret lar) and blew out the 2.1 candles. Thus ended phase one.

I walked out and I was shocked! There were SO MANY people, not just the 3A people. The likes of Mei Kit, Yuan Mei and I-Mei (all the Mei's ^_^) were present. So were Fish and Yujun. Not forgetting the year 1s who looked a little lost and left out, but it's fine... You're welcome anytime! And I appreciate all of you for coming even though you feel a little 'alien'.

There were also call-ins... due to the fact that they couldn't make it... SMSes came in too, and my poor inbox needs to be cleaned (can't bring myself to delete those wishes). Thank you everyone!

Then the next 'event' took place, details of which I shall not mention. Suffice to say, the colour of my back could rival that of thoroughly boiled lobster. I ended up with cake in my hair too (thanks to a certain vengeful bird). So I went to clean up.

I think what I realised the most is that I am so truly blessed to have so many people around me. I appreciate the celebration and the thought of putting it together for me, and I thank you for it... but more than that, I realised that I have so many people around me that I can truly call friends! You all mean a lot to me. And yes, you've all made a very big difference in my life, even if you feel you haven't done all that much. Just by being there, I have all the reason in the world to feel truly and utterly blessed! I appreciate everything that you have done, and I guess I just want to say... THANK YOU!!! I really can't bear losing any of you. I feel so touched, so blessed, so loved!

Posted by Gerald at 11/05/2005 11:00:00 AM