Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I have never felt more sorry and guiltyfor being careless than today. Spilling iced milo on someone isn't something to be proud of... I wished I could just turn back time and stay far far away from even getting close to making a mistake like that, but wishful thinking. I'm so very very sorry Elaine... >.<

Schedule is still study, study and study more... I'm probably not the most hardworking person around, but I try my best. I DO hope that I can do well to glorify Him.

Today, someone had a breakdown because of exams. I guess there's a lot of pressure to perform, but I really believe that God will always help us as His children to pull through. I prayed for her and shared a few words with her... I hope I managed to encourage her and help her to continue to trust in God. I really believe that even if it's difficult, no matter what situation you're in, no matter how bad the circumstances, no matter how terrible you think you are, God can ALWAYS redeem you and bring you back to the right track. He will never leave you nor forsake you. He will bless you and as long as you cling on to Him, you will be able to see miracles in your life. God is always there, but you must persevere in seeking Him, otherwise you may not find Him. Everything about God works by faith, and if you don't mix your faith with works, God will not reveal Himself to you. The word I believe God had was Philip 3:12-14. No matter what happened in the past, whether the previous paper was good, or bad, we should put it behind us, and work towards the next one. God has called us to shine for Him, and as students, we are to do well. That is our calling, that is our purpose. So if we FOCUS on our purpose, we should put aside interim successes (the good papers we had) and the disappointments (the bad papers we had) and keep on keeping on to complete that which God has called us to do. I sincerely hope that this ministers even to me.

God is really good... He blesses us with everything we need to do what He wants us to do, so that He can bless us. I truly believe that in Christ, I can do it! He can do it for you too, just trust in Him!

Posted by Gerald at 11/22/2005 02:49:00 AM