Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Hectic period... had so many deadlines... Firstly, Mon I had a presentation, followed by an assesed lab which accounted for 15% of my grade. This was followed by Can You Make It?, a competition organised by final years for us to showcase your talents... I'm quite happy with the results... won third, so I was blessed with some cash... Although admittedly I think my partner, Alby deserved the money more since his singing was superb!

After the competition, it was mugging time, for yet another assessed lab today, as well as a test for my database course. The good news is, it's all over, and thank God I think it's quite alright.

The exam period is coming, so studies are a priority. There's bible study tonight though, churchwide, on the tabernacle. So I'll probably take a short break... of one day... to write my blog, destress, go for BS etc.

Yes, my birthday is over... but I still can't stop feeling truly blessed! Even amidst all the work, I can still find it in me to keep smiling. ^_^

Post exams aren't going to be much of a rest either... there are many things to do, like head home and fix up the computers in the comp suite, and move out my stuff (since hall might just be renovated), prepare for Christmas etc. So there are a lot of things happening and although I'm looking forward to them, there's still exams to go through.

To all of you who can find the time to read my blog, and keep me in your prayers, here's the timetable:

18 Nov 2005, PM (Afternoon)
19 Nov 2005, 1300hrs (Afternoon)
23 Nov 2005, 0900hrs (Morning)
28 Nov 2005, AM (Morning)
30 Nov 2005, AM (Morning)

Yes, I have yet to confirm the time for those which aren't stated... just whether it's in the morning of afternoon... >.<

So please keep me in prayers. I appreciate it very much.

I might post something more eventful or interesting, but not now... Perhaps if I suddenly have something I feel strongly about then I will...

Posted by Gerald at 11/08/2005 03:46:00 PM