Extreme Duress...

Saturday, November 26, 2005

It's midway through my exams and there are 'some' people who have already finished. Yes, I know you're celebrating your liberation, but do spare us poor souls since we still have to face more papers this coming week. Add the fact that I have not one but TWO papers coming and you can see that this isn't exactly the best time for temptations.

*begin rant*

I did quite a few past year papers these few days, but I still feel the inadequacy, which I'm compensating for by reading up those parts which I am unsure of. Only problem is, I don't know if it's sufficient. There may be some topics which I may have to memorise totally in order to answer those questions. Curses, it's a freaking closed book examination. There can't possibly be anything worse than knowing that you can do this topic and that it's pure memory work required to answer the question, even when you got your concepts right. PLUS, there's a whole new programming language which requires me to memorise the syntax to reproduce the coding, but we know that if we actually use a program to generate it, it will automatically generate certain pieces of the code via a template. Who'd bother memorising which library is used when?

Maybe I'm just complaining because I don't memorise them myself, meaning I didn't study enough... but I don't believe studying and 'understanding' should be tested based simply on memory work. How much of what we actually study will be applicable to us when we go out to work in the future anyway? And EVEN if it was, we probably still have to go out and memorise it AGAIN in the future no?

*end rant*

Ignore what's written above... It's just me being whiney and wanting to put the blame on the system. It's my fault if I don't memorise it I guess... So that's what I'm trying to do now... Although I feel that I'm unsure of WHAT to memorise and what NOT to... God help me! There's 2 more papers, the one on Monday doesn't seem TOO difficult... although I hope they don't suddenly pull stunts this year. The past 2 semesters' papers were pretty doable... but I still need to work more on them I guess.

To all those who finished, congratulations! Now stop tempting us who haven't into playing... Thank goodness there are people who help me stand up against temptation. I'm really looking forward to the end of exams... There's a lot to look forward to really... These few days have been really great although there's exams and all... In the midst of it, God really brought a lot of joy into my life... and I'm really grateful for it. Thank you SO MUCH, God for blessing me so much... I don't know what else to say except... thank you!

Plans? Catch Harry Potter, go back to KL and see my family, spend time with KL peeps, church, Christmas, Hall... and much more! Semester and year coming to a close... I claim from God that it will definitely end better than when it started!

Edit: Did what I should've done from the start... No point asking me to play anymore... or to use my comp... it's just not there anymore... I'm sure you guys will have a ball... *rollseyes*

Posted by Gerald at 11/26/2005 09:06:00 PM