Reflections on blogging

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I think blogging is fun. It's one of the few avenues where you are 'free to express yourself', although it may not always be entirely true. I try to update even if it's a short one because I like the feeling of being able to log my thoughts as I journey through life. It can be quite fulfilling to look back at those times where you realise how much you actually grow.

There are many ways to blog, and I personally prefer a little mixture of everything. Occasionally I share personal experiences, or incidents which may be interesting and which I want to share. I post my thoughts about issues if and when they come to me and I feel passionate enought to say anything. I post simple links or interesting findings rarely, and sometimes I take those tests just for the fun of it and post the results up. Sure my blog can get serious, but that's only natural since I can be serious at times. It can get downright crappy too (although I generally avoid it if I can).

My blog is an expression of who I am. As much as possible I try to put forth my thoughts and feelings, which essentially make up who I am. No, I do not have the license to do anything... I'm not a solicitor of anarchy. I do however prefer not to be too inhibited by expectations and social norms unless there are actual strong reasons why I should. I cannot say the same for everyone, since I do not speak for every blogger in the blogsphere. It would be great if people were more vocal about things which extend beyond their personal life once in a while no?

Through blogging, I've also had contact with some people online whom I may never have met or known otherwise. While they may not exactly be my friends yet, it is still very appealing to me since some of them are really fun to talk to. Some share the same interests and opinions, and perhaps even passion for certain things in life which I may not find elsewhere. I'm not all that lucky to be close to my fellow bloggers (unlike a whole bunch of prominent ones in KL). One thing I can say about these bloggers in general though; they are articulate and at least bother to THINK further and bigger than their small little life.

No, this is not a rant. I guess you could say I'm just thinking how I actually view blogging. It is a great way to build up your thought process and meet people. It establishes your reasoning capabilities and sharpens it. It can tell people about you in ways even meeting face to face cannot, because it is a reflection of what you think and who you are inside. Blogging is to me, something positive, if we actually learn to use them in a positive way.

Posted by Gerald at 4/05/2006 12:25:00 AM