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Sunday, April 02, 2006

I'm at the point where I can decide from this point what I want to achieve in the next few months. Semester is ending, and many things have to be done... most importantly studying for the exams. However, I also have to think about two other areas; my role in hall, and my ministry.

Firstly, no, I do not intend to take up too many things for hall... At most, I will do the one thing I am passionate about, concert. I still know my goal and my priorities, and I do not want to lose sight of that. I believe God has called me to prosper in this area, and I can't do it if I'm not focussed. I know I'm the 'jack of all trades' type, but for once, I'd like to do only the things which interest me, not try to take on too many half-rate things which I may not see through to the end.

The same goes for my ministry. I believe God is calling me to step up, but how exactly I still need to learn. I have received, and perhaps it is time to give it away. The only question is, to whom and in what area? I don't mind doing editorial work for the newsletter, nor do I mind bringing up a few new guitarists in cell. I should seriously pray over this as it will be an important decision for me.

Today was a pretty eventful day. I met Ps Victor and Aunty Kelly after service and it was nice to just talk to them. I bumped into both MOKS and Chi Wern in fact. That was quite interesting since I haven't seen them for so long. They're both doing great and I really believe that everyone is growing spiritually day by day.

I also kind of got a wake up call... in the sense that I had a little more sense knocked into me today. I don't know how exactly, but I'm going to try my best to press forward and not be hindered by anything else. I suppose talking about doing something isn't the same as actually going and doing it... because even if the intention was there, it is the carrying out which produces results.

The sermon was impactful too, the most outstanding point being: Don't live life at the edge, but at the CENTER of HIS WILL. That's a pretty profound statement if you stop to think about it. It is amazing how we as Christians are always questioning where the 'limits' are... because we have such a great tendency to be drawn into the world. The "how far can we go without sinning" mentality isn't quite the healthiest mindset. I'm not asking for people to be absolute prudes, but in living life, we have to be very clear on what God's will is... and I think that a lot of people don't get that, constantly trying to drive at the edge, wondering how far is too far, so that we can be right at the fringe. If your conviction in living life is that drinking is wrong, don't drink. True the bible didn't explicitly state "don't drink", but if your conscience tells you not to but you do anyway, you have sinned. In fact, if you do believe that drinking isn't for you, just don't... why put your life on the line? Aren't there enough challenges in life already that we don't need to go find another one to make life difficult?

I guess a lot of people would disagree. I AM somewhat of a conservative person... although I do understand that we are all influenced by the world. I don't believe in pre-marital sex, drinking, smoking or gambling. I do not believe in verbal abuse, revenge or senseless fightings. Living life indulging in such activities may seem ordinary, even necessary, in life today. However, I believe that regardless of what secularism may have us believe, if we understand and live life not trying to probe the borders of our 'holiness', but choose instead to do what is necessary to be in His will, life would be all the more fruitful and fulfilling.

I'm a prude, but so what? I don't impose what I believe on others. You've heard all the horror stories yourself, choose then which you want for your life.

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