Optimistic Breather

Friday, April 28, 2006

I've completed most of the major papers. Surprisingly, I managed to go through this semester's modules pretty ok. Almost all papers I went for has been doable... not perfect, but I at least know I managed to answer all required questions. Whether or not they are 100% correct is another matter. My last paper isn't study intensive and is open book, so I'm pretty fine with it.

So to take a breather, I've called today a no-study day. I have cell later which I'm looking forward to. In the meantime, I've decided to do a few things like update my blog, play a few rounds of CS (which we just recently 'rediscovered'), Gunbound, DotA, even play a little on my own WoW server. I also still have a number of classic games I have yet to complete, like Lucasarts' Day of the Tentacle, Loom and Grim Fandango. I DID finish Syberia, and will probably start on Syberia 2 soon. Things are looking very interesting.

I spoke to my lecturer after my paper yesterday, and I'm quite confirmed on my intern for the coming holidays. It's only a cap of 40 hours, although the amount of time I'd have to spend outside that 40 hours would be quite significant too. The pay will be nice I suppose, but the work won't be easy. Guess it's better than doing nothing.

I think exam periods in university is funny. You get it so often that it becomes a norm... so much so that you lose the 'Oh this is a big exam' feeling... EVERY exam is 'big', which is why I'm a little surprised that some people get very very stressed for certain papers. I really put into practice positive confession this time around, and like I mentioned above, I think I did my papers pretty decently. It's not lying to yourself, it's called being optimistic!

I might have posted about optimism some time back (maybe a year or so) and I know that naturally, I'm quite pessimistic. I admit that I 'chose' to be a pessimist because either things work out great for you, or you get proven right! I know that being disappointed when you're expecting or hoping for something isn't nice... and it can be downright painful if it's something significant. But honestly, it never hurts to think positive. It may seem like you're being humble by putting yourself down and thinking negatively of yourself or what you can achieve, but it's not... You're simply not being truthful to yourself. Being optimistic means hoping for the best, and to keep hoping for the best even when things fail. Strong people are like that.

I won't post too long because I DO have a lot of things I might want to do. I do however know I'd like to be stronger, to be positive when other people are feeling down, to have a different spirit when things get tough. I may not enjoy it, but I can make a difference. I finally understand first hand what I've been hearing from cell a lot about being positive. I think it's not a bad thing.

Perhaps I'll post more on this issue another time. To everyone still having exams (including me), all the best, hope for the best, and do the best you can! I'm just grateful for what He's done so far and I'm still holding on to Him and standing firmly, waiting for Him to deliver... I know He will!

Posted by Gerald at 4/28/2006 01:58:00 PM