Monday, April 03, 2006

*Begin Rant*

Just came back from my oral presentation. No, I'm not satisfied with it. I really think I should've just ignored the time limit and went for impressive visuals. I wanted to play a few samples of anime, including scenes which portray the 'not for sale, rent or auction' caption as well as the 'please stop distributing when licensed' to show just how the community isn't out to rob the original artist. If I'd known everyone else would run overtime as well, I would've done that. It didn't help that the website I wanted to show was unavailable either. So much for a good presentation...

I think I'm just plain unlucky. Ulcer still hurts and I had to present... It wasn't that bad, but I know I could've done a lot better.

*End Rant*

Got another test on Saturday... luckily last night was productive...

Posted by Gerald at 4/03/2006 12:03:00 PM