What words can do

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Words are powerful things that can make and break a person. The bible places a lot of emphasis on knowing when to say, what to say and how to say things. It is something that we all have to learn and grow from. Taming the tongue is one of the hardest thing a person should learn how to do. What Ps Kong said is true; It doesn't matter how presentable you are if the moment you open your mouth, whatever that comes out isn't pleasing to the ear. It's difficult to get past words, and that's the way people are. People have a tendency to hold on to your words, even if it wasn't in the way you meant it. This is when miscommunication and misunderstandings occur, and as I'm sure everyone is well aware, it causes a lot of conflicts and problems in a person's life.

ALWAY watch your mouth. Some of the things which shoot out from it unconsciously may be hurtful to a lot of people, causing resentment and the lost of respect. I learnt that the hard way. Be aware of what you are saying and the possible implications of what you say. Hold your tongue if necessary, even if you really feel you want to burst out. If you have nothing good to say, don't say anything. I'm not advocating that you just be a docile, quiet, spineless person, but if you speak in a manner or with words that infuriate and irritate people, how do you expect them to get your point or see things from your perspective? They'd be too blinded by their unhappiness with your words that whatever you say, even if it is valid, won't ever get to them.

I am no expert in communication or human relations. God knows I fail miserably many times. I speak when I shouldn't and I don't speak when I ought to. Noone's perfect, and I can only pray that I grow in this area too. I want to speak only that which is edifying. Not bootlicking in that I say things that aren't true, but boosting the confidence and giving people the courage to press on no matter the circumstances. I can be very critical at times, and I believe it's best to face a problem not run away from it, but I try my utmost best to correct it in the humblest (even if it's direct) manner... at least that's what I hope I can do.

And then there's God. I sometimes wonder why He's so cryptic, why He can't just come right out and say the things He wants me to do, the direction He wants me to head, what to do in order to solve my problems. I wished I knew specifically what He wants for me. At least then I can confess exactly what He wants and promises me everyday! I remember also what Ps Kong said about revelation. The pastor in his story heard from God, and prayed about it and felt peace in his heart. He went ahead with the mega project, but it flopped and he lost everything. When he went back to God and asked why, God said He told him what to do, just not when to do it. That was an eye opener for me. I can really identify with that. The question I have left is, what happened next? Did God bail him out and restore the same vision that He gave to the pastor, or did the pastor have to abandon that vision because He acted too soon? I don't know... I guess I never will... I can only pray and hope...

Posted by Gerald at 1/24/2006 01:29:00 AM