The Aftermath

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Previous posts have been depressing... and quite a huge number of people actually expressed concern (most of which I didn't even know read my blog), so to put your worries to rest... I'm perfectly fine! I can't say it doesn't affect me because it does, but I guess I learn how to really just give it to God.

I really thank God for seeing me through. Sure the year ended not as well as I wanted it to, sure it's been difficult, and yes, it still hurts... but as I commit everything to Him and leave it to Him I know He will settle them for me... I guess to me it's just a 'could have been'... so I release it totally to Him. Who knows? Maybe He has someone else for me, or maybe He doesn't... God works in mysterious ways... but I'm not keeping any hopes... I will just trust in His plan for me... no matter what it is.

It wasn't a thoroughly enjoyable experience, but I'm grateful to have gone through it... Grateful because I learned some things about myself, and about life. Grateful to have met her because she's still a great friend. Grateful that she's doing fine, and grateful that in the end, we both came out OK.

This new year, if nothing else, I want to be thankful for all the things that I have been blessed with. I lay aside what is behind and I press on toward the upward call of God, so don't worry. The good thing about having a down year end, is that the only way to go for the next year is UP!

I had a great time with my council friends, and I'm really outdated about the happenings... but it was great to see everyone again, to really just hang out and chill and talk about anything and everything, to see how everyone has matured, to see all the challenges and success in thei lives, to remember the funny things we did together, to play silly games together... and although I'm not as close to them as people in hall, I'm still very grateful to have them as friends! I know I don't exactly have very good relationships with any of them (friend-wise), but they still open up to me and are really kind and sweet. So I'm awfully thankful to have such a great bunch of friends around... We should try to meet up more than just on big occasions.

Ever trouped about 40+ people to Suntec and tried to have lunch on a Sunday? It was difficult enough deciding on a place to eat, let alone finding a place which had that many vacancies... Ended up Pizza Hutting... right across Carl's Junior... which I still have yet to try... but I guess there's no rush... It'll always be there... I hope... >.<

Here's to a great 2006! May it be a blessed year for everyone!

Posted by Gerald at 1/01/2006 11:35:00 PM