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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I just cleared up one of the email accounts I have which was overflowing with emails I never read. I have many email accounts, probably too many. I frequently check one or two, but the rest I check only occasionally. The truth is, I really thought about giving up on my current email, because it's small and the service isn't all that great. Gmail is so much better, but it's a pain to have to tell everyone since there are some people holding on to my current one which I don't even know but might want to contact me in the future. Plus, a great deal of people wouldn't even bother to note that I've changed emails. I get spammed like crazy on my current one, and it's getting quite irritating. Gmail has lots of spam too, but at least it has a huge inbox that I don't have to clean it every few days.

So let's count the number of email accoutns I have. 1 Hotmail, 1 Yahoo, 1 Gmail, 1 NUS account, 1 SOC account... that's FIVE. (And they wanted to have a Hall one too...) Not to mention some of them which I literally NEVER check anymore (Like Lycos =/) The main one I use is Hotmail (Which just happens to be the one with the SMALLEST space). The yahoo account is used to handle spam (although I wouldn't mind changing it to the Hotmail one except for the reasons mentioned above) whereas the Gmail account is used primarily for family emails (Since family members are one of the few who have that account). NUS account is for University administration emails naturally, and the SOC one for Faculty administration.

I'm stuck, stuck because even though I'd like to condense all of these into ONE account, or at least reduce the number of accounts I have, it's really difficult. Hotmail, being the main one which I check the most often, and which most people use to contact me, cannot contain all the information I want it to with such a small inbox. I want it to be the size of Gmail, but again, it's hard to migrate over because I don't like changing my email so much, particularly since a lot of old friends and acquantances whom I have not met for a very long time, have just this one contact of me. Changing over might mean losing in touch totally with them.

Solution? I thought of slowly migrating over, but the more people I meet, the more people come to take my current one as the main one. This has to stop I guess, if I'm serious about migrating. If not, I'd be stuck with Hotmail till goodness knows when... it wouldn't be so bad if they actually had plans to expand their size... I regret making it my main email, but it IS, so I have to live with it... at least for now.

I wonder how many people face the same problem. It's just like a phone number (more pertinent in Singapore I guess). Once you get a new number (or email) people instantly lose your contact, especially those people you don't meet often. I don't even know why I got so many different emails...

Yes, this is a rant! I just wished I had been smarter... then I wouldn't be in this predicament. We always wish we could go back and change those things, just like in a computer game. I wished I could click the 'Load' button and go back to where I was before... Well, we all wish we could, but it's obvious we can't... we can only hope that it can be remedied in the future... (Yes, I really do hope Hotmail finally wisens up and gives us our 1 GB of space! Even 100 MB would be great...)

*sigh* Microsoft *shrug*

Posted by Gerald at 1/24/2006 06:50:00 PM