Expectations and disappointments

Friday, March 14, 2008

Note: I made this post somewhere some time back. It's a good time to remember and reflect back on it...

Well, I guess after a high, there's bound to be a drop.

What did you think? What did you expect? That things will work out for you overnight? That the situation will suddenly turn out perfect? That circumstances will just change to the way you want it?

Expectations should be managed well, in that one can't possibly be expecting too much. Still, it's obviously difficult to think otherwise when things seem to be going well. The more expectations one has, the higher the likelihood of the disappointment which may follow. It's important to have them though, because otherwise we won't be striving for anything. The issue is that of balance, but the question is: how much is too much? It all boils down to expectation management.

So the disappointment you face is none other than your own fault. You didn't manage your expectations well enough. You couldn't possibly have hoped for that much. I cannot for the life of me understand why you could even THINK that way. Of course, this regret only happens on hindsight.

Lord, help me make sense of things. Help me understand, and REALLY ACCEPT that although things may have seemed great, there's still really a LONG WAY to go. Teach me PATIENCE, teach me to be OPEN, and most of all, teach me to be MATURE and WISE in handling this matter. Help me keep looking to You, to never grow weary or lose heart, but to rejoice always in ALL circumstances. Into Your hands I commit myself.

Posted by Gerald at 3/14/2008 11:44:00 PM